Neutral Posture Neutral Posture Big and Tall Ergonomic Office Chair
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Neutral Posture Big and Tall Ergonomic Office Chair

$1,342.00 $2,236.00
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Max Weight:
Up to 500 lbs
Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:


The neutral Posture Big & Tall series was developed by Industrial Engineers, Certified Professional Ergonomists and Designers. The neutral posture Big & Tall BTC10100 ergonomic chair provides the rare combination of ergonomic function and durability for users up to 500 lbs and/or 7 feet tall without compromising quality and style.

The Big & Tall Series employs heavy-duty components, from the casters and 28" base up to the steel reinforced seat and back and has a full 5-year warranty, even under 24/7 usage. With many options to choose from the neutral posture Big & Tall chairs are vital to long-term seated comfort.

Neutral Posture Big & Tall BTC10100 Features:

  • Back Adjustable - Adjustable Back Height
  • Seat Adjustable - Adjustable Seat Height, Angle, Tilt, Tension and Depth
  • Arms - Oversized padded arms that are height adjustable
  • Back Support - Inflatable Lumbar to adjust for comfort
  • Base Options - Comes standard with 28" intensive black base. 28" Chrome base is available as an upgrade.
  • Back Shell - Back of the chair comes with a plastic Outer Shell
  • Caster Options - Carpet casters come standard. Hard floor casters are also available.
  • Memory Foam Options - Choose between TheraGel or N-dulgent memory foam upgrades.
  • Headrest Option - Dual Pivot headrest upgrade is available
  • Cleanroon Option - Cleanroom upgrades are available


Neutral Posture Big & Tall BTC10100 Specifications:

Overall Dimensions: 42 x 35 x 28
Back Height Range: 22" - 26"
Seat Width: 27"
Seat Height: 20" - 25"
Weight Limit: 500 lbs.
Box dimensions: 37 x 30 x 52
Chair Weight: 85 lbs.

Neutral Posture Big & Tall BTC10100 Fabric Options:

All fabrics listed are available in Quick Ship with lead times of 5 - 7 day production time and can be purchased online. Other fabrics are available, please call +877-907-8688 for availability.

** GRADE 1 is included in the price **

spacer-pewter.jpg spacer-ink.jpg
Spacer - Pewter Spacer - Ink
spacer-black.jpg spacer-wine.jpg
Spacer - Black Spacer - Wine


Grade 2 + $36.00


ace-toast.jpg ace-peony.jpg ace-char.jpg
Ace - Toast Ace - Peony Ace - Char
ace-midnight.jpg ace-jet.jpg  
Ace - Midnight Ace - Jet  


Grade 3 + $72.00


red-dawn-cloud-9-neutral-posture.jpg  midnight-sky-cloud9-neutral-posture.jpg new-haze-cloud9-neutral-posture.jpg
 Cloud 9 - Red Dawn  Cloud 9 - Midnight Sky  Cloud 9 - New Haze
fog-cloud9-neutral-posture.jpg thunder-cloud9-neutral-posture.jpg  
Cloud 9 - Fog Cloud 9 - Thunder