Neutral Posture Neutral Posture Balance - Executive Task Chair

Neutral Posture Balance™ - Executive Task Chair

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Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 275 lbs
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A perfect balance of sleek design and daily comfort. Composed with smooth, clean lines, the Balance™ exudes simplicity and style. Available with a mesh back and upholstered seat, the backrest provides built-in lumbar support. Knee-tilt version makes an excellent conference chair, or choose the higher function Synchro mechanism for the personalized support one craves. Standard features: No arms, carpet caster, 26" high crown black base, and 5" cylinder. Optional upgrades are available at additional cost.

Neutral Posture Balance™ - Task Chair Features:

  • Memory Foam Upgrades - Choose between optional N-dulgent memory foam or Theragel Memory Foam
  • Adjustable Seat Height - adjust seat height, depth, angle and tension
  • Lumbar Support - Built-in dual curved lumbar support
  • Four Arm Upgrade Options - Choose between a Pivoting Arm, Forward Sliding Arm. C Loop Arm, or Chrome Loop. Additional costs do apply.
  • Multi-density foam - Generous multi-density foam in the seat

Neutral Posture Balance™ - Task Chair Specifications:

Overall dimensions:

39"H X 26"W X 26"D

Back Height:

Back Width:

Height range is 22"

Back width on all models are 19"

Seat Width
Seat  Height: 17"-23"
Weight limit: 300 lbs
Box dimensions: 34"H x 22"W x 26"D
Chair Weight: 48.5 lbs












Neutral Posture Balance™ - Task Quick Ship Chair Fabrics

All fabrics listed are quickship fabrics. Other fabrics are available, please call for more information.

Grade 1 - Included in price

spacer-pewter.jpg spacer-ink.jpg
Spacer - Pewter Spacer - Ink
spacer-black.jpg spacer-wine.jpg
Spacer - Black Spacer - Wine

Grade 2 + $60.00

ace-toast.jpg ace-peony.jpg ace-char.jpg
Ace - Toast Ace - Peony Ace -Char
ace-midnight.jpg ace-jet.jpg  
Ace -Midnight Ace - Jet  


Neutral Posture Balance Chair Options:

Neutral Posture Balance™- Chair Mechanism Options

  • Knee-Tilt [0]
  • Forward Pivot Synchro [9] - $46.80

Neutral Posture Balance™ - Casters

  • Carpet Casters [CO] - Included
  • Hard Floor Casters [C1] - $15.00
  • Glides [C2] -  $15.00
  • Chrome Carpet Casters [C8] - $54.00
  • Chrome Hard Floor Caster [C9] - $60.00

Neutral Posture Balance™ - Bases

  • 26" High Crown Black [B16]
  • 26" High Crown Polished Aluminum [B15] - $33.00
  • 26" Polished Aluminum [B6] + $84.00

Neutral Posture Balance™- Chair Arm Options

ARM 0 : Pivoting Gelthane Chrome + $75.00
  • Height, width, depth and pivot adjustable from seated position




ARM 1 : Forwarding Sliding Gelthane Pad - $123.00



Arm 5 - No Arms - Included


 ARM 6 :  C-Loop - $45.00
  • Fixed height and width
 ARM 7 :  Chrome Loop - $45.00
  • Fixed height and width