Neutral Posture Neutral Posture 8000 Series Chair

Neutral Posture 8000 Series Chair

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Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 275 lbs
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Features & Benefits

The Neutral Posture NPS8000 Series chair is a highly versatile chair for those who require more support across the upper back and shoulders.  The 8000 Series chair sets the standard as an industry leading ergonomic chair, adjusting to fit the 5th to 95th percentile of people. The lateral support forms gently around the individual supporting the person in place while providing maximal ergonomic comfort.   The Neutral Posture 8000 Series allows the individual to fully customize the chair to suit their individual needs. The Neutral Posture ergonomic chair is available in numerous seat, back, and arm options as well as many other ergonomic features.  The 8000 series is a well-build ergonomic chair that provides extreme comfort and extensive back support.

Neutral Posture 8000 Series Features:

  • Back Support - contoured high back for exceptional upper back and lumbar support
  • Seat Options - choice of 6 seat options to choose from
  • Arm Option - choice of 8 arm options to choose from with the standard arm providing highly adjustable support (at no additional cost)
  • Adjustable Back Height -  ability to change back height and angel
  • Adjustable Seat Height - adjust seat height, depth, angle and tension
  • Adjustable Arm Height - adjust arm height, width and 360° armpad rotation
  • Inflatable Lumbar - comes standard on the 8000 chair which allows you to adjust the lumbar support to your individual needs
  • Forward Tilt-stop  - standard on Multi-function Mechansim (0)w/Seat Slider
  • Optional Add-ons -  Fring™ Footrest, 2-way Adjustable Headrest or Adjustable Neckrest

Neutral Posture 8000 Series Chair Specifications:

Standard Features

Overall dimensions:

42"H x 27"W x 26"D

Back Height:

Back Width:


Height various by model and ranges from 22"-26"

Back width on all models are 20"

Seat Width
Depth depends on model and varies from 21"-25"
Seat height: 17" - 21" (shorter & taller are available)
Weight limit: 300 lbs
Box dimensions: 28" x 26" x 24"
Weight: 54 -  61lbs


















Neutral Posture 6000 Series Chair Fabrics

All fabrics listed are available in Quick Ship with lead times of 5 day production time and can be purchased online. Other fabrics are available, please call for availability.

** GRADE C is ncluded in the price **


Grade C

spacer-wine.jpg spacer-pewter.jpg spacer-ink.jpg spacer-black.jpg  
Wine Pewter Ink Black  


Grade 1

ace-basil.jpg ace-poppy.jpg ace-peony.jpg ace-petunia.jpg ace-fudge.jpg
Basil Poppy Peony Petunia Fudge
ace-tarragon.jpg ace-grotto.jpg ace-water.jpg ace-marina.jpg ace-midnight.jpg
Tarragon Grotto Water Marina Midnight
ace-butterscotch.jpg ace-toast.jpg ace-driftwood.jpg ace-char.jpg ace-jet.jpg
Butterscotch Toast Driftwood Char Jet


Grade 1

axis-denim.jpg axis-energy.jpg axis-grove.jpg axis-noir.jpg axis-paprika.jpg
Denim Energy Grove Noir Paprika
axis-summer.jpg axis-truffle.jpg axis-willow.jpg    
Summer Truffle Willow    

Nauga Soft


Grade 2

nauga-deep-sapphire.jpg nauga-feather.jpg nauga-velvet-brown.jpg nauga-cabernet.jpg
Black Satin Deep Sapphire Feather Velvet Brown Cabernet


Grade 2

 knack-berry.jpg  knack-brisk.jpg  knack-carbon.jpg  knack-dark-roast.jpg  knack-filament.jpg
 Berry  Brisk  Carbon  Dark Roast  Filament
 knack-fresco.jpg  knack-glaze.jpg  knack-reed.jpg  knack-sax.jpg  knack-teak.jpg
 Fresco  Glaze  Reed  Sax  Teak
 knack-wave.jpg  knack-zest.jpg  knack-zing.jpg    
 Wave  Zest  Zing    

Neutral Posture 6000 Series Chair Options

Choice of Chair Mechanism


Neutral Posture 8000 Series Arm Choices

Your 8000 Series Chair can be ordered without arms, with the standard height and width adjustable arms, or with the [recommended] 5-way adjustable arms which are also height and width adjustable, but add 360 degrees of pivot and armpads that can be moved forward and backwards, and slide laterally (inward) to accommodate thinner bodies.


6000 Series Arm Options:

ARM 0 : 5-Way Adjustable
  • Height, width, depth and pivot adjustable from seated position
  • 24 positive lock angle positions in 360 degree range
  • Arm pads slide inward to reduce width
  • Arm pads slide fore/aft allowing closest ac
ARM 3 : 360° Swivel w/Oversized Urethane - $50.00
  • Height, width and pivot adjustable
  • Oversized arm pads provide large, soft surface
  • 22 positive lock angle positions in 360 degree range
  • 180 degree rotation alternates long/short end positioning for access to work
ARM 4 :  Swing - $135.00
  • Unique design swings arm down and out of the way
  • Height, width and swing down adjustable
  • Excellent for multi-user applications where not all want armrests