Multi Brace 637
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Multi Brace 637



Relief from Low Back Pain 

The Multi Brace 637 – a low profile, rigid lumbosacral orthosis (LSO) – is ideal for patients suffering from acute back pain caused by trauma, surgery, strain or disc pain. It provides support from the sacrococcygeal junction to the T-9 vertebrae and features a patented pivoting design to accommodate any waist-hip differential. 

The 637 includes two removable posterior panels: A preformed 25° rigid extension panel to help treat fractures, herniated discs and osteoporosis. A semi-rigid 0° flexion panel for cases of stenosis, spondylolysis and spondylolythesis. 

Increased Patient Compliance 

With a ventilated plastic exterior, this LSO is lightweight and prevents heat buildup. Padded for comfort on the inside to help increase patient compliance. Offset mechanical advantage straps allow independent adjustment to the lumbar and sacral regions. The dual axis design provides infinite adjustability to fit all body shapes.

  • Two removable posterior panels 
  • HCPCS Code L0637 or L0650
  • Properly fits virtually any waist-hip differential 

Hip Measurement

  • Small 32” - 36” 
  • Medium 36” - 40” 
  • Large 41” - 45” 
  • X-Large 46” - 53” 
  • 2X 54” - 62” 

Adjusting the Posterior Panel

To adjust the 25° posterior panel:

  1. Use a heat gun to warm the area to be adjusted until it is malleable
  2. Form the panel as needed
  3. When cool, place the panel into the orthosis