Koncept Mr N LED Table Lamp
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Mr. N LED Table Lamp

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This lamp has a unique, arch-shaped design with a seamless, illuminated surface that uses advanced light panel technology. The entire outer surface of the lamp glows with a soft, warm, omni-directional light.  An effortless, one-finger touch on this strip turns the lamp on and off, and simply touching and holding your finger to the strip will dim the light.



Glowing Arch - The unique, ultra thin arch shape is unlike any other lamp design

Small Wonder - At a mere 7.5”, Mr. n fits anywhere – a table, a counter…even a bookshelf

Seamless Light - The outside panel glows with a warm 2700K light

Touching - Turn on/off or dim with one touch on the bottom exterior of the lamp



Details Environmental considerations
28 LEDs
5 watts consumption
50,000 hours lifespan
2,700 K light color
Continuous touch dimming
Metallic Black / Silver
10’ cord
Fully recyclable aluminum
Water-based paint
FSC certified packaging
LEDs do not contain mercury
Low power consumption (<10 watts)
LEED credit eligibility