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Mobis Leaning Seat

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Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 300 lbs



Mobis, the adjustable height, lean-into seat, is all about maintaining your comfort and energy as you work.  It is designed for people who need to have as much energy at 4PM as they did at the start of the day.

This light-weight, elegant, grab-and-go version of the award-winning Locus Seat supports your body in a relaxed, upright posture.  Its height-adjustable design accommodates people from 4'0" to 6'8" making it perfect for anyone to use with any standing desk.

We all know how our back and feet feel after just an hour of standing. Customers have discovered that Mobis' small footprint and grab-and-go mobility also makes it ideal for anyone with a job that requires standing, such as cashiers, bank tellers or ticket takers.  The Mobis offers enough support to keep fatigue at bay, while still allowing the seat to move with you as you turn from side to side, and flex forward, backward and laterally.

The Mobis is for anyone who is searching for comfortable, practical, and stylish seating that enhances your energy and the fun and ease of how you work.


Mobis Stool features:

  • Seat height adjusts from 25" - 35"
  • Seat pan material: Fiberglass-reinforced nylon
  • Contoured seat cushion material: EVA foam
  • Leg pivot joints moves 10° laterally and 12° forward
  • Base footprint measures 16" ellipse
  • Weighs 15 lbs


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