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Computers and phones allow us to conduct business almost anywhere and while many people are aware of ergonomics in the office, the use of mobile tools also presents a health risk and can result in repetitive stress injuries. A laptop computer is an ergonomic nightmare as it is impossible to use one with the monitor at the best level and the keyboard in your lap without the use of either an external keyboard and mouse, or an external monitor.  

A combination of ergonomic items including a laptop stand or arm, a travel keyboard and travel mouse, or a laptop mount with an external monitor can be used to lessen risk.   Ipads, mobile phones, and other portable devices can strain the body too and benefit from use of an external keyboard, or in the case of a mobile phone, use of a mobile headset.   The last concern is how you carry your laptop computer.  The addition of wheels or use of a well-balanced backpack can help prevent back and shoulder problems.

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