Mobile Edge Mobile Edge 16 ScanFast Briefcase MESFBC2.0
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Mobile Edge 16" ScanFast Briefcase MESFBC2.0

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Features & Benefits:

The Mobile Edge 16" ScanFast Briefcase is designed to give travelers a hassle free experience at the airport. It provides an unobstructed security scan of the computer, so the laptop remains in the briefcase during the x-ray screening process. This case not only meets the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines, but Mobile Edge took the requirements one step further and made the padded computer compartment see through with large writing that states “Checkpoint Friendly” . The MESFBC2.0 is also a stylish and environmentally friendly travel option. It makes traveling so much easier, you will never go back to a traditional case again.

Mobile Edge MESFBC2.0 ScanFast Briefcase Features:

  • Works with PC or Mac - Fits laptops up to 16" and MacBooks up to 17".
  • No need to remove laptop during airport security - Checkpoint-friendly design for faster screening at airport security checkpoints.
  • Sorona material is Environmentally Friendly - It's derived from corn, requiring 30% less energy to manufacture and reduces greenhouse emissions by 63%.
  • Separate padded computer compartment for superior protection.
  • Shock-absorbing Elastic Shoulder Strap keeps you comfortable and reduces strain.
  • Lifetime Warranty. Mobile Edge Warranty Information

Mobile Edge MESFBC2.0 ScanFast Briefcase Specifications:

Exterior Dimensions: 17" H  x 13" W x 5" D
Laptop Compartment Dimensions: 15.5" H  x 11.2" W x 1.8" D
Color: Black
Compatibility:  Laptops up to 16"  
Model: MESFBC2.0
Weight: 3.1 lbs
Warranty: Lifetime

Why We Like It -

  • Makes passing through airport security a breeze! There is no need to remove laptop from briefcase during screening
  • It's lightweight but it's sturdy

This is Good For -

  • Anyone who travels with their laptop

Mobile Edge ScanFast Briefcase Eco Impact

- Material is derived from corn
- Requires 30% less energy to manufacture
- Reduces greenhouse emissions by 63%