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Microdesk Document Holder / Writing Surface

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Microdesk Document Holder / Writing Surface

The Microdesk is a dual-purpose document holder and writing surface that allows you to concurrently use your keyboard and write at the same time. It fits comfortably over the top of your keyboard to enable easy access to the keyboard while working with your documents. Its adjustable-sloped writing surface promotes a safe working posture and prevents slumping. Using the Microdesk prevents reaching and twisting as your papers are placed directly in front of you.

  • Transparent acrylic lets you see the keyboard easily through the clear surface.
  • Strong construction allows you to safely rest your forearms on the surface while maximizing your desk space.
  • Height and slope adjust easily by twisting the feet in and out.
  • Suitable for both left and right handed users.
  • Easily lifted and stored when not in use.
  • Includes line guide and removable paper ledge.
  • Models and sizes available to fit most monitors and computer keyboards. 

Ergonomic Benifits:

  • Eliminates head and neck twisting while reading or writing documents - Most people have to twist their head and neck to either review a document or write due to their keyboard placement.  There is no need to twist or turn your head in order to read or write while using the Microdesk, because your documents can be placed directly in front of you on the sloped platform, thus eliminating any potential injuries to the neck.
  • Reduces overreaching by freeing up space around your workstation - By making use of the space between your keyboard and monitor, you no longer have to put papers around your keyboard in order to read them; that space can now be used to bring other essential devices closer to you, e.g. your mouse, thus preventing overreaching; conversely, if your mouse is next to the keyboard, you won't have to reach over your mouse to write on a document.

Regular Size Model:

  • Surface 22" wide x 12" deep.
  • Front height adjusts from 3” to 3¾".
  • Rear height adjusts from 6” to 7 ½".
  • Weight - 3 lbs 6 oz
  • Paper ledge supplied in two heights: 3/4" and 1/4".