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When it comes to mesh chairs, the same basic requirements apply that apply to choosing any good ergonomic chair. A good chair must:

  • be sized to fit your body.
  • be adjustable enough to fit you and your working style.
  • be comfortable for as many hours as you need it to be.

For a full description on chair fit and how to evaluate a chair for yourself, please read this great article – One Size Does Not Fit All. While mesh office chairs are available in all price ranges including very low-budget, they don’t all meet the above three requirements. However, price doesn’t always guarantee more comfort so be sure the chairs you consider meet your needs.

  • Things to consider about a mesh seat include:                                                                                       will your body fit well into the mesh and not have to rest on the hard frame that supports it? (This can be a real concern for larger bottoms and there are currently no mesh seat chairs for users over 250 lbs.)
  • Is the front of the seat edge soft and flexible or does it have a hard edge that will dig into my thighs when I recline?
  • many meshes and pellicles (another type of mesh) are abrasive to your clothing so if you’re wearing expensive clothes, this may be another reason to disqualify a mesh seat.

Would you like assistance choosing the right chair? Complete our Chair Selector Questionnaire and we'll email you several great choices.

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