Esterline Medigenic Infection Control Keyboard - K104C02-US

Medigenic® Infection Control Keyboard - K104C02-US

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 Medigenic® Infection Control Keyboard - K104C02-US

Fight Bacterial Cross-Contamination

Medical 104 Compliance Keyboard Washable

Medigenic Medical 104 Compliance Infection Control Washable keyboard uniquely monitors its own cleaning status. An alert system reminds users to clean the keyboard at regular intervals. Backlit keys for use in low-light areas

Medigenic wins MDEA Silver Award

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Infection-Control Keyboards for Safer Healthcare Facilities

Typical healthcare keyboards have many users, so the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) through cross-contamination from and to patients by healthcare workers can result in fatal consequences—particularly if transient bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) exist.

Esterline Interface Technologies offers infection-control medical keyboards that feature a flat design that can be quickly cleaned in place with hospital-grade disinfectants to combat cross-contamination. Users can touch-type with excellent tactile key response to swiftly document care.

Two Medigenic Keyboard Models

Choose between the Essential or Compliance Medigenic keyboards:
The Essential medical keyboard is a cost-effective alternative to conventional keyboards and covers. TheCompliance medical keyboard— available in 101/102-key and 104/105-key layouts—adds an alert system that reminds users to clean the keyboard at regular intervals and provides backlit keys for use in low-light areas.  Over 45 different keyboard variants are available to meet multiple language, size, and feature requirements. 


Medical Keyboard Features   

  • Sanitize in Seconds: flat keyboard design quickly wipes clean with hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • High-Speed Data Entry: full-size keyboard enables healthcare professionals to touch-type with conventional keyboard-like performance.
  • Disinfection without Disconnection: single disable key allows connectivity while keyboard is cleaned.
  • Audio and Visual Alerts indicator will flash and alert will sound at user-defined intervals to help monitor and promote good infection-control practices. Cleaning the keyboard turns off the indicators.
  • Backlit Keys*: keyboard is usable in low-light environments to accommodate data-input accuracy and reduce patient disturbance.

* Features available on the Compliance model.