Marin Sit-Stand Keyboard Tray Arm

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Sit-Stand Converters: Under/Over Desktop Arm
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Features & Benefits:

The Marin Sit-Stand Keyboard Arm by Tru Office Products is a lever-less arm that provides independent height and tilt adjustment.  The Marin Sit-Stand Keyboard Arm features a patented dial tilt adjustment that changes the angle of the tray and shows the precise angle as you turn the knob. It comes in two different versions for maximum flexibility.  Users can easily adjust the height of their keyboard for maximum comfort and greater ADA compliance.  The Marin Extended Keyboard Arm also provides quick and precise adjustments maximizing productivity of the user.  The arm is fully retractable when not in use and is ideal for corner desk configurations with the 7 1/2" extended length neck.

Marin Extended Keyboard Tray Arm Features:

  • Patented dial tilt adjustment - tilt dial shows the angle of the tray as you turn the knob; also easy to use and provides greater ADA compliance
  • Molded head tray constructed of durable engineered resin - lighter weight; added stability design allows higher height range; superior ergonomic form
  • Patented spring-assisted Lift-n-Lock™ counter balancing system (no knobs or levers)  - precise adjustments are quick and easy
  • 360 degree swivel  - user can move keyboard freely from side to side
  • Height indicator gauge -allows users to easily adjust the height of their keyboard
  • Choice of either glide or low-profile ball bearing storage tracks - fully retractable when not in use; choose the one that fits your budget
  • Limited lifetime warranty. Tru Warranty Information

Marin Standard Keyboard Tray Arm Specifications:

Track Sizes:


21.75" or 23"

11.3 - 11.8 lbs

Tilt Range:

Length: 21.75"

Length: 23"

-15 / +10 Degrees



Height Range: Glide

Height Range: Ball Bearing

8.25" / -5.88"

8.13" / -6.00"

Why We Like It -

  • Precise adjustments that are quick and easy
  • Easily switches from right to left side without tools

This is Good For -

  • User friendly with no knobs or levers to mess with
  • Easy to install
Dowload the Idea at Work Mouse Over Keyboard Tray System Brochure - TRU Marin Extended Keyboard Arm

Mechanism Specifications:

Marin Extended Keyboard Tray Arm Specifications



Height Range Diagram:


Tilt Function Diagram:


Tray Options:

TRU - Marin Standard Keyboard Tray Arm Option

Alpine HDPE "Green" Keyboard Tray

The Alpine HDPE Keyboard Tray is a fully recyclable keyboard tray that was developed to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly products.  Made from HDPE, the tray uses recycled component materials where possible and is fully recyclable.

TRU-D66 (26"W x 11" D HDPE) - Standard Keyboard Tray - $97.00

TRU-D81 (20.7"W x 11"D HDPE) - Height Adjustable with Swivel Keyboard Tray - $109.00


TRU-D81 (Below)


Alpine "Phenolic" Keyboard Tray

The 19" Phenolic keyboard tray with mouse tray provides a solid, low-profile keyboard solution. 

Available with either swivel or tilt and swivel mouse tray.

TRU-D79 - Phenolic Tray with Mousing Surface (swivel only), Mouse Fence, Anti-skid strips,and Gel-feel Foam Palm Rest - $99.00

TRU-D89 - Phenolic Tray with PMP Mousing Surface (Swivel & Tilt). The mousing surface is flush with tray with Mouse Fence, Anti-skid strips, and Gel-feel Foam Palm Rest  - $109.00

TRU-D99 - Phenolic Tray with PMP Mousing Surface (Swivel & Tilt). The mousing surface is positioned above keyboard tray Mouse Fence,Anti-skid strips, and Gel-feel Foam Palm Rest  - $109.00



TRU- D79 (Below)


TRU-D80 (Below)



Alpine "SlideDeck" Keyboard Tray

The Alpine "SlideDeck" is a premium keyboard tray that features a sliding mouse deck that easily asjusts for left and right hand use, and accomodates wave-style keyboards.

Black molded ABS with gel feel palm rest and sliding mouse tray with multiple forward positions.


TRU- D31 - $95.00



TRU-D31 (Below)