Lockable CPU Holder - 17" Track

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Ergoprise Secure "Lockable" CPU Holder with 17" Track

Introducing the Eroprise Secure Locking CPU holder with increased stability and clamping force. Offered with the 17" glide track for easy storage.


  • Plastic side clamp with bumpers



  • Increased stability and clamp force

  • Tri-Lobed knob control to adjust clamp
  • Intuitive usability
  • Side mountable
  • Allows for wall or table leg mounting
  • 360° swivel available on most models
  • Allows access to rear panel connections
  • Models available with heavy-duty, tamper-proof locking nut with a special locking pentagonal key
  • Deters theft
  • Adjustable width (3.5" to 9.3") and height (12.5" to 22.5")
  • Can be customized to fit most tower CPU's