Bakker Elkhuizen Laptop Trolley Bag
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Laptop Trolley Bag

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Ergonomists advise not to carry loads heavier than 4-6 kilos with one hand, depending on the frequency and distance the load has to be carried and gender (Mital, et al, 1993). The weight of laptop, bag and further items in the bag commonly lies between 4 and 7 kg. This means that in quite a few cases the bag will be too heavy to carry it for a long time. In these situations a laptop trolley or backpack would
be a good solution.

Ergonomic: telescopic arm means that you can transport your laptop and accessories easily thus avoiding back issues.
Top design: smart and professional, suitable till 15.6'' laptops and I-pad 10.1'' Shock-absorbing foam parts for optimum laptop protection Lightweight, hard-wearing handle and large wheels Organized and efficient: a place for everything easily accessible storage compartments for travel documents and CDs.