The Kinesis Freestyle2 VIP3 Accessory Kit with integrated palm supports easily installs onto the underside of the Freestyle2 keyboard, and provides quick and easily reproduced tent settings of 5, 10 and 15 degrees. This allows the user to position their keyboard in a more neutral position and reduce the pronation (i.e. twisting to a palm down position) of the forearms and wrist. The integrated padded palm supports ensures that wrists are neutral by supporting them to prevent wrist extension. When installed, the Freestyle2 with VIP3 provides a very stable typing solution with no 'bounce' or unintended movement. The VIP3 Kit includes a Right and Left V-Lifter, Right and Left Palm Support and a Right and Left Replaceable Padded Palm Pad. NOTE: The Freestyle2 VIP3 Accessory Kit is NOT compatible with the Kinesis Freestyle Solo keyboard, only the new Freestyle2 series.