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Choosing a Keyboard Tray System that is best for You!

 Affordable Keyabord Tray Options

Do you know what keyboard Tray System works best for you? Try this test; place your hands and forearms flat on your thighs, now doesn’t this feel good?  Have your shrugged shoulders dropped?  The answer is yes.  This simple exercise reveals the need to use a keyboard tray system.  When we maneuver a keyboard and mouse, it is very important to have the equipment close to our body. 

How in the world you figure out what keyboard tray system to utilize?

Initially you will need to determine which shape best resembles your current desk and where you want to mount your keyboard tray.  The diagrams listed in order: Rectangular, L-Shaped, Diagonal & Curved.  It is extremely important to measure the depth under the desk where you will install the track & the available width for tray.  Keep in mind that too little available depth will result in the tray not stowing completely underneath the desktop.  Do not fret if the depth is short, there are available options.


 Next step is to identify the type of keyboard that will be used since this information will help to determine the shape & size of the keyboard tray (also referred as Keyboard Platform).  The diagrams listed in order are: Standard Rectangle, Split Keyboard, Split Keyboard with Numeric Keypad & Natural Shape.  Certain Natural keyboards are larger than others so measure the length & depth of the keyboard.  Lastly review the mouse, is it a Standard, Vertical, Trackball, Roller-ball or Dual Mice?  Knowing the mouse style will aid in selection of mousing surface.

Ergonomic Keyboard Styles

How does a Keyboard Tray System Work?

The keyboard tray (aka keyboard tray platform) is mounted to a track that is fastened underneath the desk.  We recommend using an electric screwdriver to mount the track.  Some manufacturers include double sided tape to hold the track to the desk while you install it.  We suggest an inexpensive Irwin Quick Grip vice grip that can be purchased at most home improvement stores.  This holds the track in place while drilling. The tray slides into the track, similar to a zipper on a jacket. Unfortunately, you cannot drill a keyboard tray to a glass surface.  The range of motion (including height capabilities) is determined by the type of keyboard tray mechanism also known a keyboard tray arm.

We carry many brands of Keyboard Tray Systems (such as Humanscale, ErgOvation by Ergoprise, ESI Ergo, Workrite and SpaceCo,).  We are particularly pleased with theErgoOvation series.  This mechanism has been purchased by some of the largest office deployments in US & Canada.

It allows the user to mix & match different mechanisms with various keyboard trays.  The Marin mechanism is a lever-less arm that provides independent height and tilt adjustment.  Users can easily adjust the height of their keyboard for maximum comfort.


  • Virtually Works with all (except Humanscale) Keyboard Trays – the drill hole patterns on the tray mounting bracket will conforms with Workrite Banana Board, Workrite Glide, all ESI Keyboard Trays but not on any of the Humanscale Keyboard Trays
  • Patented dial tilt adjustment – tilt dial shows the angle of the tray as you turn the knob; also easy to use and provides greater ADA compliance
  • Molded head tray constructed of durable engineered resin – lighter weight; added stability design allows higher height range; superior ergonomic form
  • Patented spring-assisted Lift-n-Lock™ counter balancing system (no knobs or levers) – precise adjustments are quick and easy
  • 360-degree swivel – user can move keyboard freely from side to side
  • Height indicator gauge -allows users to easily adjust the height of their keyboard

Keyboard Tray Mechanism/Keyboard Tray Arm

 Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Mechanism Styles

 ErgOvation Trackless Keyboard Tray Mechanism this is ideal for very shallow tops or standing desks with center cross bars

 Marin Standard Keyboard Mechanism is available in two track lengths (17” & 21”) with a choice of 4 keyboard trays.

The Marin Extended Keyboard Mechanism offers 7 1/2″ extended length neck which is ideal for corner desk configurations.

The Marin Sit to Stand Keyboard Arm maximizes ergonomic support for both seated and standing positions. The Ovation includes a patented dial tilt gauge and a height gauge to provide specific ergonomic adjustments.  The height range (aka travel distance) is 8.25” above the track to -5.88” below the track.  This is a great option for creating a height adjustable desk.

Keyboard Tray/Keyboard Platforms:

Standard Keyboard Tray Dual Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Want to Mouse on the same level of the keyboard?  The Ergoprise Dual Mouse Keyboard Tray provides the ability to have the mouse positioned to the left or right of a keyboard.  The palm support can conform to either side of tray or entirely removed.

Have a Natural Shape Keyboard? Natural Platform with swivel-below mousing platform Designed for use with natural-shaped keyboards 28” overall length w Swivel Mouse Below Keyboard Tray Platform Right-handed is standard (available for left-handed needs). Includes detachable palm rests, mouse pads, mouse guards, and cord management clips.

Natural Keyboard Tray StyleHumanscale Natural Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Style

 Keyboard Tray Mechanism/Keyboard Tray Arm for Shallow Depths

Without question the all new Trackless Keyboard Tray System is the perfect solution for shallow depth areas (sit stand desks with cross bars or shallow benching.

Trackless Keyboard Tray System 

  • Fully stores/retracts utilizing 9.4” mounting space under work surface
  • Stores within 5.25” from the underside of the desk
  • Infinite height range from under work surface from -1.25” to -6.98” below the desk via Lift-N-Lock™ technology ( 5.73” total adjustment range)
  • Infinite tilt angles from +10° to -15° with Dial-Tilt
  • Integral and optional tilt and height gauges
  • Conforms to ANSI/HFES 100-2007 Ergonomic Standards and ANSI/BIFMA Testing Standards  
  • Mounting plate that attaches to under the desk top is approximately 5.5" wide x 4.25" deep

How do you choose the best keyboard tray system? So many options exist when it comes to selecting a keyboard tray system.  Which mechanism, platform shape, or mouse platform style will be the best keyboard tray combination for you?  

Give us ten minutes of your time to answer ten questions and one of our experts will email you a short list of keyboard tray systems that will work well for you.

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