Humanscale Humanscale Quickstand - Height Adjustable Workstation
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Humanscale Quickstand - Height Adjustable Workstation

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Looking for a Height Adjustable workspace but have a fixed height desk? The Humanscale Quickstand might be a great solution for you. QuickStand is a unique, desk clamp-mounted sit/stand product that encourages users to be active and easily integrate vital movement into their work days. QuickStand features a built-in cable harness that allows users to plug in and go. With a minimal profile, QuickStand doesn’t compromise the user’s work surface, leaving plenty of space for paper-based work or other items.

If you are looking to stand more while working but have a fixed height desk then the Quickstand is the product for you.


  • Durable Build - The clamp mount makes it easy to attach to any fixed height work surface (between 24'' to 36'' in depth)
  • Clean and Contemporary Design - Designed with a large platform that seamlessly blends into your work surface
  • Easy to Operate - Effortless Height Adjustment 

Technical Specifications:

  • Cable harness pre-installed for easy plug in and go
  • Fully integrated cable management
  • Two USB outlets for keyboard/mouse
  • 18” (460 mm) platform height adjustment 
  • 5” (127 mm) single/dual monitor display adjustment
  • Work surface clamp has 6” (150 mm) of horizontal adjustment for a 24” (600 mm) and up to 36” (900 mm) deep surface
  • Work surface clamp attaches to the back edge of a ½” (13 mm) up to 2 ¾” (70 mm) thick surface


Platform Size:

The height adjustable platform is available in either a small or large platform for varying work surface depths
Small Platform: The size of the small platform is: 28” wide x 11” deep (for a 24” to 29” deep work surface)
Large Platform: The size of the large platform is: 28” wide x 17” deep (for a 30” to 36” deep work surface)
** The small and large platforms both have a height adjustment of 18