Humanscale Humanscale QuickStand Eco Sit Stand Workstation
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Humanscale QuickStand Eco Sit Stand Workstation

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28.1" H (in resting position) x 28” W x 29.2” D
Work Surface:
28" W (710mm) x 19" D (480mm)
Vertical Monitor Adjustment:
Total Height Range:


Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco is sleeker, easier to use and comprised of more sustainable materials than ever before, it is a vast improvement over the current generation of sit/stand options. This work surface is available in laptop, single or dual monitor configurations.

Advantages of QuickStand Eco

  • Designed with minimal, clean aesthetic
  • Merges ergonomics with height-adjustable functionality
  • Complements any space: home or corporate offices, collaborative or hot-desking spaces, check-in areas and more
  • Free of Red List Chemicals

5 years, 24/7 warranty. Humanscale Product Warranty Information.


  • Main assembly holds up to 35 lbs.
  • Monitor height adjustment for correct ergonomic fit
  • Designed to accommodate users of varying heights with 18.6” of work surface adjustment
  • Minimal footprint allows for more use of the desktop area
  • Affordable workspace wellness solution that will blend into any environment
  • Compatible with OfficeIQ — Humanscale’s innovative sit/stand alert software
  • Self-locking mechanism provides ultimate stability and functionality
  • Effortless functionality encourages more movement and allows user to move from sitting to standing instantly


28.1" H (in resting position) x 28” W x 29.2” D
Work Surface:
28" W (710mm) x 19" D (480mm)
Minimum Desk Required - 29"
Product Weight:
Laptop - 38.5 lbs. (17.5 kg)
Single Monitor - 42.3 lbs. (19.2 kg)
Dual Monitor - 45 lbs. (20.5 kg)
Product Weight with Box:
Laptop - 51.2 lbs. (23.2 kg)
Single Monitor - 55.0 lbs. (24.9 kg)
Dual Monitor - 57.7 lbs. (26.2 kg)
Vertical Monitor Adjustment - 5"
Total Height Range - 18.6"


Frame Finish:


Design Story:

Humanscale is committed to function, simplicity and longevity.  With minimal, fewer parts and long-lasting, high-quality materials, QuickStand Eco was designed keep you healthy and look and work as well in 10 years as it does today.