Humanscale Mouse Mate
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Humanscale Mouse Mate

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Features & Benefits:

The Humanscale mouse mate attaches directly to your mouse so your palm is supported. The Humanscale mouse mate is an inexpensive solution to convert your mouse to an ergonomic solution.

The Humanscale Mouse Mate Features:

  • Adjusts to fit most mice.
  • Attaches directly to your mouse so your palm is supported.
  • Comes with an extra high easy slide base to accommodate tall mice.
  • Made of foam rubber and polyurethane.
  • 15 year warranty 24/7 warranty. Humanscale Product Warranty Information.

Why We Like It -

  • Easily convert ordinary mouse to ergonomic mouse
  • It resolves problems for a large number of people
  • Fits most mice
  • Inexpensive solution

This is Good For -

  • Relief from, or prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome