Humanscale M/Flex™ M2 Monitor Support

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Features & Benefits:

Introducing the world’s most scalable monitor support solution. The M/Flex monitor system enables swift and simple reconfigurations without disrupting existing equipment or adding new components. Providing unprecedented flexibility, M/Flex supports up to six monitors from a single post, in any configuration, or up to twelve monitors from two posts connected via crossbars. Switch from one monitor to two, to three, to six, with the greatest of ease. Humanscale M/Flex Monitor System sets up easily, is easy to use, and makes a great choice for individuals or businesses with changing needs.

The Humanscale M/Flex™ Monitor System Features:

  • Adjustability - Supports up to six monitors from a single post and supports up to twelve monitors from two posts connected via crossbars
  • Style - 7 different Arm Styles to choose from.
  • Modular design - allows users to make adjustments without disturbing original configuration
  • Easy Install - in-field reconfigurations achieved without disruption to existing equipment
  • Mount Style - Choose the desired Mount based on your mounting surface.
  • Height Options - Posts come in 12” or 18” high stack-able sections. Specify the desired Post height, which will be a combination of 12” and 18” Posts.
  • Mounting Options - Choose from Clamp mount, Bolt-thru mount and c:scape mount
  • Color Options - Available in Silver with gray trim, Black with black trim, or Polished aluminum with white trim
  • 15-year, 24/7 warranty. Humanscale Product Warranty Information 

Humanscale M/Flex™ Monitor System Specifications:

  • Mounting options can be Surface, Vertical and Custom solutions
  • Additions can be made to the post(s) without disturbing the original configuration
  • Five total post heights
  • Can accommodate one or two rows
  • Users can choose to have up to three monitors per row
  • Nesting, integrated brack design allows for easy add-ons
  • Single bracket easily converts to double bracket
  • Double bracket can also convert to triple bracket
  • Additions can be made without removing existing brackets or installations

How it works!  Step By Step Guide, also watch video for overview.

M/Flex - How to order

Humanscale M/Flex™ Monitor Specifications:

Monitor Arm Style: Available as M2 or M8
Weight capacity: M2 bracket: 20 lbs, M8 bracket: 42 lbs
Post will support up to 120 lbs
Compatibility 75mm and 100mm
(larger plates are available)
Frame finish Available in silver, black or polished aluminum
Weight: Varies

Why We Like It -

  • It's super lightweight without a loss of durability

This is Good For -

  • Users requiring adjustability
  • Users who require multiple monitors
  • Great for call centers or IT Departments!

Humanscale M/Flex™ Eco Impact

- Manufactured from 52% recycled content
- 99% recyclable
- LEED credit eligible

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Humanscale M/Flex™ Monitor System

Specifications & Colors:

Humanscale M/Flex™ Monitor Options (Click on Image for larger image of diagram)

Mflex Finish Options

Humanscale M/Flex™ Monitor System Finish Options

The Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm is available in your choice of three finishes: polished aluminum, silver, or black.


 Humanscale M/Flex™ Monitor System Mounting Options