Humanscale Humanscale Liberty Chair - Recommended Configuration

Humanscale Liberty Chair - Recommended Configuration

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Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 300 lbs
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The Humanscale Liberty Chair features a three-panel mesh back that is incredibly comfortable as it conforms to the shape of your back and provides lumbar support that moves with your body. Leverless, dynamic mechanism reclines when you recline, never compromising back support. Our recommended configuration combines the features that offer maximum all-day comfort and that our customers want most often.

The Humanscale Liberty Chair Recommended Configuration Features:

  • Three-part mesh back - moves with your every move, hugging and supporting your back in comfort. Choose the mesh that fits your style without compromising comfort.
  • Contoured gel seat - Humanscale's technogel seat warms to your body heat, conforming to the shape of your body which distributes your weight more evenly. This reduces the pressure of sitting for longer periods.
  • Height adjustable arms with Duron gel arm pads - the arms on the Liberty Chair are each independently height adjustable to support the weight of your arms while you type. Arms push low when you don't need them.
  • Three-way stretch seat fabric - adds to the comfort of the seat by conforming to your body further reducing the stress sitting puts on your body
  • Designer looks - mix and match mesh and seat fabrics to create a chair that fits your environment and personal sense of style
  • All surface casters - work equally well on carpet, plastic carpet pads or hard floor surfaces
  • 15 year, 24/7 warranty. Humanscale Product Warranty Information

Humanscale Liberty Chair Specifications:

A & C: Seat dimensions 16.5" - 18.75"d x 21" w
B : Seat height 16" - 21"
D & E: Chair back 20" w x 22.5" h
F & G: Armrests 6.5" -11.5" h x 12.75"
H: Distance between armrests 19"
Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Chair weight: 27 lbs

Why We Picked These Options-

  • Gel seat is great for long hours
  • Height adjustable arms are a must for typists
  • No unnecessary upgrades to make price higher

This is Good For -

  • Suitable for all day use
  • Fits users 5' to 6'4" and under 240 lbs
  • People who like mesh but need great lumbar support

Humanscale Liberty Chair Eco Impact

- Contains 54% recycled content
- 93% recyclable
- Greenguard certified
- LEED credit eligible
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Customize your chair

Frame finishes

Choose from three standard frame finishes for your Liberty Chair.


Choose your mesh back:

Monofiliment Stripe

Swatches for Humanscale Monofiliment Stripe mesh



Swatches for Humanscale Catena Mesh


Swatches for Humanscale Dash mesh


Swatches for Humanscale Pinstripe Mesh

Silver Check

Swatches for Humanscale Silver Check mesh


Seat Textiles for your Humanscale Liberty Chair:


Vellum offers four-way stretch to maximize the comfort of your cushions but is durable enough for the demands of an office workspace. Vellum is construction of nylon, Cordura, and elastic yarns; is stain and water repellent, has an abrasion rating of 150K double rubs.

 Swatches for Humanscale Vellum


Wave is a four-way stretch fabric designed for heavy-duty use that exceeds all contract interior testing requirements. It has a bit of extra cushioning due to its backing making this the softest "sit" of any of the Humanscale fabric options. Abrasion rating is 150K double rubs. Wave is constructed of 86% nylon and 14% elastic.

Swatches for Humanscale Wave fabric


Lotus is the creation of award-winning designer Elizabeth Whelan and is water repellent and super easy to clean making it an excellent choice for more demanding environments including healthcare and the hospitality industry. Lotus offers four-way stretch for comfort and has a soft texture that is pleasing to the touch. Vibrant colors make it a welcome addition in any office. Lotus has a 100% polyurethane face and a nylon backing and has an abrasion rating of 350K double rubs.

Swatches for Humanscale Lotus fabric

Corde 4

Corde 4, is a woven four-way stretch fabric that promises to outlast the mesh seats offered by competitors. A small modular weave placed in a half drop repeat creates a rib-like dimensional surface, giving the fabric a unique design that is both visually appealing and engaging to touch. Corde 4 will endure the test of time as it is constructed from high-performance nylon and polyurethane, a combination that’s well above industry textile standards in abrasion, colorfastness to light and solvents, pilling and cracking.

 Swatches for Humanscale Corde 4 fabric