Humanscale Humanscale Element 790 LED Task Light

Humanscale Element 790 LED Task Light

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The Humanscale Element 790 Task Light minimizes the shadows many LED lamps cast, minimizes energy use, and will last longer than many careers. The Humanscale Element Light is the first to use revolutionary MCX LED Technology.

Humanscale Element 790 LED Task Light Features:

  • Internal counterbalance - provides for smooth, fingertip adjustments
  • Heat dispersing design - keeps it cool to the touch and enhances the aesthetics of the Element Light
  • Unique replaceable head - for easy onsite repairs
  • Folds up when not in use - reclaim your desk space
  • Dinmer switch - select from one of seven light settings
  • Finish choices - silver, or white with silver accents
  • 10 - years, 24/7 warranty. Humanscale Product Warranty Information

Humanscale Element 790 Task Light Specifications:

Maximum height: 28"
Reach: 28"
Working height: 18"
Head rotation: 90° side-to-side
Head tilt: 135° front-to-back
Base swivel: 360°
Power: 100 - 240 V



Choose from either the standard power supply that is designed for North America or the Universal which works worldwide. 

Humanscale Element Light Colors:

Black is only available on the Element 790 model, not this, the original Humanscale Element Task Light.


Humanscale Element Mounting Options: