Humanscale CPU555 CPU holder
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Humanscale CPU555 CPU Holder

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The Humanscale CPU555 CPU Holder is the best built CPU holder in its class offering durable construction that can house mini units and oversized CPUs equally well. Optional security package shields your computer from tampering or theft. The CPU555 the ultimate solution for protecting your technology investment.   

The Humanscale CPU555 CPU Holder Features:

  • Slides smoothly on nylon glides - 16" track mounts to the underside of your desk and allows for easy in and out access of CPU
  • 360° rotation - allows you to easily access the back of the computer for port and cable access
  • Easy grasp handle - improves accessibility
  • Heavy duty construction crafted of cold-rolled, powder-coated steel
  • Optional Security kit prevents theft and tampering of your CPU unit
  • 15 year, 24/7 warranty. Humanscale Product Warranty Information

Humanscale CPU555 CPU Holder Specifications:

Dimensions: Height: CPU +4.5"
Width: CPU +3.5"
CPU width: 3" - 9.5" wide
CPU height: 12" - 22" tall
Weight limit: 70 lbs