Humanscale CPU450 CPU Holder
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Humanscale CPU450 CPU Holder

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The CPU450 offers a unique storage solution for the variety of CPUs found in today's workplace. Its clever and flexible design accommodates horizontal and vertical CPUs of virtually any size, and it can be either direct- or track-mounted to horizontal or vertical surfaces.


  • Adjusts to fit CPUs 4" to 8" by 11.5" to 20"
  • Can be mounted directly to underside of desk or wall
  • Can be mounted on 16" track with 360° swivel for complete access to cables and ports
  • Easy to install wrap-around design
  • Rugged steel construction will support CPUs up to 40 lbs.
  • 15-year, 24/7 warranty 


CPU Size: Adjusts to fit CPUs 4" to 8" by 11.5" to 20"
Weight Limit: Will support CPUs up to 40 lbs
Installed dimensions: Width: CPU width + 2.5"
  Height: CPU height + 3.75"
Shipping Weight: