Humanscale Humanscale 5G900 Clip Mouse Keyboard Tray System

Humanscale 5G900 Clip Mouse Keyboard Tray System

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Features & Benefits:

The Humanscale 5G900 Clip Mouse Keyboard Tray System is the most popular keyboard tray systems on the market for good reason - it offers maximum positioning control and is built to last. The Humanscale Clip Mouse allows for independent keyboard and mouse positioning that easily changes from right to left hand use. True modularity means that parts can be changed to meet your changing needs, increasing both life span and the return on investment.

The Humanscale 5G900 Clip Mouse Keyboard Tray System Features:

  • Humanscale's height adjustable, 5G dial-a-tilt mechanism for fast and easy adjustment of the keyboard platform
  • Clip mouse platform, in your choice of either 8.5" or 10" diameter, can be used on either the left or right side, and is height, angle, and swivel adjustable independent of the keyboard tray. Platform slides forward and back for the ultimate in positioning flexibility. An additional clip mouse platform can be added at any time.
  • Platforms are crafted of light and durable phenolic and are graphite in color
  • Detachable gel palm rest with soft neoprene covering is included
  • Keyboard mounts on a 22" deep track and stows underneath the work surface when not in use (shorter tracks are available)
  • 15 year/ 24/7 warranty. Humanscale Product Warranty Information

The Humanscale 5G900 Clip Mouse Keyboard Tray System Specifications:

Keyboard platform: 19" W x 10.625" D
Height range: 6.25" - 1.25" above the track - 5" below
Tilt range: 0° to -15°
Track: 6" W x 21.625" D
Weight: 12 lbs


Humanscale Clip Mouse Size

Choose from either an 8.5" or 10" diameter mousing platform.

Buy Smart: Most users will find the 8.5" diameter adequate. A larger platform may be intrusive for some users. We recommend only going with the larger one if your mouse needs a larger mousing surface.


 Lateral Slider

The Lateral Slider adds 8" of side to side movement, increasing the positioning flexibility of your keyboard tray. It is ideal for multiple monitor workstations or for users who may need to reposition their body laterally while working.