Court Reporters Seating Case Study

Court Reporters Seating Case Study

Posted by Ergoprise on 2nd Dec 2018

The Client – Superior Court of San Bernardino


The court reporters of the Superior Court of San Bernardino County have a very important role. These stoic individuals must remain still while they type all the courtroom transactions. Often, each reporter must remain in a static position which can last from several minutes to several hours at a time. To perform their job, one types on a steno machine which is attached to a tripod. Regardless of how the individual contorted their body so they can properly type; all areas of the body (including the neck, shoulders, forearms, wrists & backs) became fatigued, and were exposed to postural injury. The employees had to consistently lean towards the steno machine, ALL contact with the back of the chair ceased to exist regardless of the make & model of the chair. More employees were voicing their concerns of discomfort.

Typical posture (see woman in the blue jacket) of a court reporter/stenographer/live captioner. Notice how her shoulders are shrugged and she is not utilizing the backrest of the chair.

The Execution:

The employees along with the Court Contract Administrator began searching for a solution which was provided by Ergoprise. The Ergoprise Court Reporter Chair is a truly unique chair. The seat is designed with a cut out in the front which allows the users to place the tripod & steno machine at its optimal distance. Now when the individuals type, their back remains 100% supported with the back of the chair. The shape of the backrest is uncommon. This particular design with the narrow upper back shell encourages a “shoulders back” posture, which is the way the body was naturally designed to sit. Body-cradling thoracic support is created by adding a special thoracic ridge for optimal comfort.

The chair is offered in three back sizes, two arm styles (or armless) and several seat sizes & shapes. One can customize the configuration to meet his/her body shape as opposed to purchasing a “one size fits all” which is what most organizations provide its employees.


All 62 court reporters were provided with an Ergoprise Court Reporter Chair.

In the follow up to the delivery of the chairs, employees have commented on their improved posture. As well as the decrease in discomfort and increase in energy.

Absenteeism has particularly declined while the overall morale has heightened. The employees are very appreciative for having the support from management.

While the chair is named “Court Reporter” it needs be outfitted in other locations says the Court Administrator. All Law firms, deposition services and home offices of live captioners can achieve what we achieved.

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