One Seating Line for a Companywide Standard

One Seating Line for a Companywide Standard

Posted by Ergoprise on 21st Oct 2018

The Client – Texas Mutual Workers Compensation Insurance


Texas Mutual is the largest writer of workers’ compensation insurance in Texas, with almost 40 percent of the Texas market relocated its headquarters to a mixed-use development just north of downtown Austin Texas. The new building was designed with an emphasis on wellness. There is an abundance of natural light to house its workforce of 650 + employees in a beautiful setting of truly unobstructed collaborative workspaces, state of the art training rooms, conference rooms and focus rooms.

Texas Mutual had a daunting challenge, how to incorporate ergonomic seating that would offer the contemporary look to compliment the design of its new locale, fit a variety of employees but offer the most active and ergonomic components as the chair would be outfitted for all employees for their offices, touchdown & conference usage.

Typically the contract furniture supplier selected to provide furnishings will suggest a task & conference chair. Granted many manufacturer’s will have the “look” and may say “ergonomic” but are limited in its functionality. This was the concern that challenged Noah E. Salazar Sr. Safety Consultant, Human Resources. In fairness, Texas Mutual opted to allow all of management & the employees a chance to evaluate several seating lines. Ergoprise entered into the selection process a seating line that was not offered but the contract provider. As well as a chair that was not previously known to Mr. Salazar.

The Execution:

Overwhelmingly the seating from Ergoprise was chosen for the following reasons.

  • CEO Stephanie Gilbert’s knowledge and passion for seating
  • Ergoprise committed to be available to help fit the employees in their chair
  • Ergoprise worked with the factory to produce a custom armpad for the conference room chair
  • Ergoprise negotiated an additional year for the warranty for all chairs
  • Ergoprise was onsite during all of the 53’ truckloads (7 trucks from 3 different freight carriers)

Texas Mutual chose the YouToo for their task chair.

Ergoprise indorsed supplementary options to be equipped on this chair.

  • Back Height Adjustment (this would help to accommodate taller employees)
  • Smaller & Larger Seat sizes (instead of purchasing of only one seat size for all employees)
  • Seat Depth Adjustment (an absolute must, modifies the useable seat depth of the chair. Benefits both taller and shorter users should be able to find a depth that accommodates their upper leg length. Properly adjusted, seat depth helps users maintain proper back support, while distributing their weight evenly across the seat cushion.
  • 4D Arms (Adjustable Width Bracket Levers (this helps with faster width adjustment of the arms instead of a traditional knob that has to be physically removed)

They also chose the  You Chair for the conference room chair. A special armpad was provided to help ensure that the chairs would comfortably fit in all of its locations from the single usage in a private focus room to the expansive conference room tables. These chairs did not lose its ergonomic must haves, they too offered back height adjustment & seat depth adjustment.

The YouToo & You Chair are both one of our most popular chair lines; both have a proprietary lumbar adjustment that one must sit in to experience. If you cannot visit Ergoprise then please watch the video.

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Our mission is to build awareness of the importance and value of ergonomics as well as the products that create a healthy workspace, prevent repetitive stress injuries (RSI), and provide for worker comfort. We support your need for cost effective, productivity enhancing workplace solutions that are designed for the well-being of your enterprise, medical, industrial, and home office workers. We do this by providing:

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