How to Place Your Computer Monitor in the Healthiest Position

Where is your monitor? Presumably it is on your desk but is it really positioned where it needs to be? This often neglected consideration is important as a poor computer monitor placement can cause serious health problems including eye strain, neck and back problems. Additionally, the monitor stand that usually comes with a new screen is almost always woefully inadequate when it comes to positioning options.

So what should you be considering when planning your monitor position? Here is how to place your LCD monitor or monitors in the healthiest viewing position:

Ergonomic Monitor Placement
  • Your monitor or monitors need to be centered directly in front of you. You should not have to turn your head significantly. If you are using multiple monitors you may have to make trade-offs but place your most used screen in the center.
  • Your monitor should be at least 25" from your eyes. An easy generalization is at least arm's length. If you're struggling to read the screen, use your operating system to increase the font size.
  • The ideal height for your monitor places the center of the screen at approximately a 50° angle below eye level. Your head should never have to strain up or down to view the screen comfortably.
  • Tilt the top of your screen slightly away from you.
Monitor Proper Height Placement

If you cannot position your monitor to meet these requirements with the stand it comes with, it is time to get a new monitor stand or monitor mount that will allow you to position your screen or screens correctly. You may want to consider an articulating monitor arm as these provide easy adjustability and maximum monitor placement flexibility while freeing up your desk space for writing and other purposes.

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