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People with a desk job should also work standing up. Excessive sitting is detrimental to your health.

To a lot of people suffering from back pain standing up is the only way to survive the day. Decrease the time you spend sitting down, both at work and at home. It is recommended to spend part of your time at work standing up.

Sitting down strains your back more than standing up. The health risks of sitting down can also be prevented by having enough pauses during the day. New studies suggest that excessive sitting down also causes other problems, such as obesity, adult-onset diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, as well as increases the mortality rate. Healthy living habits, such as regular exercise, do not save us from these damages caused by sitting down.

But how do you know you are standing up the right way?

Most people stand up the wrong way, alternating between their left and right leg. Their spine is askew and their ankles in an incorrect position. Standing up like this can be detrimental rather than being healthy. This is why it is important to pay attention to your posture. By using Gymba, you can make sure you always have the correct posture. Join us and be active with Gymba.