Goldtouch Goldtouch Smartcard Ergonomic Keyboard SC20

Goldtouch Smartcard Ergonomic Keyboard SC20

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Features & Benefits:

The Goldtouch Smartcard Keyboard is the only ergonomic keyboard with a smartcard reader for use in secured environments. The Goldtouch keyboard is favored by a large variety of people because of its compact size and infinite adjustability. The Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard with Smart Card Reader adjusts in seconds with the flip of a lever allowing you to vary the splay and center height so the user can type while avoiding both ulnar deviation (when your wrists are flexed outwards) and wrist pronation (when your hands extend upwards). Custom adjustments offer more comfortable typing and can prevent injury.

The Goldtouch Smartcard Keyboard Features:

  • Adjustable splay lets the user set the angle from 0 - 30 degrees in the horizontal plane.
  • Custom tenting allows the user to vary the center height of the keyboard to help keep hands and wrists straight and relaxed.
  • Soft key touch - is easy on arthritic fingers and offers full key travel without bottoming out. Nice clicking sound provides for aural feedback for touch typists.
  • Compact size is great for tight spaces but also allows the mouse to be placed closer in the neutral zone. External 10-key numeric pad is available.
  • Embedded numeric keypad allows for easy numeric keying without a separate keypad.
  • Smartcard Reader meets  FIPS-201 standards for HSPD-12.
  • One year warranty. Goldtouch Warranty Information.

Goldtouch Smartcard Keyboard Specifications:

Dimensions: 15.25" W x 7" D x 4.5" Max Height (center)
Key force: 40 - 45g average
Travel distance: +/- .5mm
Smartcard Reader: ISO/IEC 15411 Compliant
ROHS: Compliant
ISO7816, 1, 2, 3, 4 Compliant
O/S: Win XP, Vista
Weight: 3.3 lbs