Goldtouch Goldtouch Numeric Keypad

Goldtouch Numeric Keypad

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The Goldtouch Numeric Keypad is a full-sized numeric keypad complete with the most popular calculator functions to make number processing fast and easy. Soft key pressure and an audible "click" further enhance the usefulness of this keypad. Stash in your bag for use with your laptop computer.

The Goldtouch Numeric Keypad Features:

  • 22 Keys including basic calculator functions: + - * / = , memory storage, recall and clear plus additional tab, back space and esc function keys.
  • 2 USB ports for use with low power devices such as mice or memory sticks (do not plug your Goldtouch Keyboard into these ports).
  • Audible tactile feedback keys click when depressed for touch typists.
  • Long life keyswitches - expected life is 20 million cycles.
  • One year warranty. Goldtouch Warranty Information.

Goldtouch Numeric Keypad Specifications:

Dimensions: 4.5" L x 3.15" W x 2" H
Key force: 50g - 55g
Cord: 5'4" USB
O/S: Win XP, Vista, 7
Weight: 5.11 ounces