Will a Desktop Riser Help Work for Every Sized Person…Not Necessarily?

Will a Desktop Riser Help Work for Every Sized Person…Not Necessarily?

Posted by on 30th Oct 2018

Government Agencies*, Corporations and Higher Education entities want to promote safety, improved productivity and best practices for its employees.It is a common method to purchase one product and then release it to all its workforce.

So why standardize on just one single sit to stand offering?

  • Reduction of Costs – buying in larger quantities often leads to volume discounts
  • Simplified Operations – having only one item to purchase makes the procurement process faster and less stressful
  • Easier Training – with just one design training can be accomplished with a video or simple email

We are aware of the importance to sit, stand & move.This is very evident with the acceptance & implementation of desk risers within the Federal Government over the last few years.Many established companies that offer a sit to stand for desks have advertised its ease of use (fully assembled) and specifically that it will work for all members of the workforce the moment it is unboxed and placed on the desk.

Unfortunately; many government agencies & corporate organizations are learning that the desk on desk retrofit that was purchased and deployed, are increasingly experiencing greater issues which are resulting to having to purchase a second alternative desk riser.

Problems Associated with most Desk Rises:

  • When the employee (4’9” to 5’11”) is seated the piece is TOO TALL since it adds to an already incorrect sized desktop.Since most contract furniture is 28”-30” high this type of equipment adds an ADDITIONAL 2” which furthers defeats the ability to type in a correct, comfortable and ergonomic position.
  • When the employee (6’2” and taller) is standing, the desk riser is TOO SHORT and will promote head & neck flexion along with wrist extension which may result in the risk of pain and injury.
  • The unit takes up the entire desktop layout which prohibits the user from having access to the top of the desk
  • Many units have fixed heights which will not allow the equipment to be placed in the proper seated & standing position.
  • Many offerings are flimsy, have limited warranties and do not meet TAA requirements.

The Solution:

Numerous Government Agencies (Veterans Administration, Department of Labor, DOD, SAMHSA, NIH and many more (see list of agencies below) as well as several Corporations have included the S2S Comfort Plus to their standards list. While various entities have totally adopted the S2S Comfort Plus (Single Workstation & Dual Workstation) as the sole Sit-Stand Desk Converter for several justifications (see below).

  • The unit allows the keyboard tray to be lowered to almost 7” below the work surface so this can outfit a worker whose height is 4’9”.The identical component has ability to promote 22” of height adjustment which can accommodate a worker that is 6’2 & taller (including 8.3” of independent monitor height adjustment)
  • Gas-assist counter balanced technology enables users to transition smoothly from a seated to standing working position for numerous positions.
  • The single can accommodate a monitor or tv that can be 32” or smaller with a weight of 20 lbs.The dual accommodates two 24” monitors that have a combined weight of 16 total pounds.Monitors need to be VESA compliant.
  • Two large work surfaces (28” long by 9” deep) have room for work materials, and when the workstation is not in use, the keyboard tray can flip up and one can be simply swung to the side to maximize valuable desk space. 180° independent monitor swivel allows for seamless information sharing.
  • Adjustable keyboard tray offers multiple angles with 19° (+4°/-15°) of tilt, a personalized setting ensures maximum comfort and positioning flexibility
  • Mounting options of both clamp & grommet thru hole are included.Integrated cable management & quick release plates (saves time for quick installations and allows for easy removal of monitors for storage or security purposes).
  • Integral pivot limiter limits arm to 180° rotation reducing damage to walls and office cubicles
  • Ability to offset the base which allows the unit to work on many desk shapes including L Shape U Shape and other rectangular shaped
  • 5 year warranty tested to over 20,000 cycles exceeding the industry standard by 100% ensuring consistent performance and flexibility

*Government Agencies that have purchased multiple units or standardized (Department of Veteran Affairs, Depart of Labor, SAMHSA, Navy, US Army SECOM, DOT, FBI, NIH, City of Austin, Austin Police Department, Bureau of Labor Statistics, USDA, Federal Reserve Bank, Dept of Ecology, Boeing, Kentucky Gov, NIOSH, CAP, DHS, GSA, USDA, Raytheon, Department of Justice, FAA, Freddie Mac, U.S. Geological Survey, City of Logan, Hamilton County, Travis County. Orange County Public Schools, Environment Canada, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Smithsonian, USAID, US Marshal’s Service,

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Watch the S2S Comfort Plus Video vs. Popular Desk Riser