Global Energy Company Chooses S2S Comfort Plus as Standard

Global Energy Company Chooses S2S Comfort Plus as Standard

Posted by Ergoprise on 20th Jan 2019



One of the largest global energy companies with its US corporate office in Houston Texas have moved hundreds of their employees to a new tower closer to their campus. The office layout was equipped with an L-shape work-surface, dual filing cabinets in both its office and cubicle settings.

The challenge was to equip the employees with a sit stand desk solution that allowed all their employees to sit and stand ergonomically while maintaining all the static furniture.

The Decision:

Facilities evaluated several of the more popular desk riser solutions. The units were set for employee usage on a testing basis. A company as large as this, has a multitude of employees all with extreme height differences (from the very petite to the very tall).

Both the divisions of facilities & safety deemed the Ergoprise S2S Dual Comfort Plus as its choice for standardization do to its incredible versatility, durability and affordability.

Ergoprise also takes the extra step with all partners from a single user to thousands. We make sure that every person we touch is using the equipment to the maximum ergonomic benefits.

When it comes to seating, we make sure everyone has the seat pan height, seat pan slider and chair back are set properly adjusted to their body type.

During the deployment numerous ergonomic specialists visited every workstation to make sure each employee had the keyboard tray and monitors at the correct height in both the seated and standing position. 

While it is popular for companies to order from Amazon and other desk riser manufacturers, the personalized care and attention will never equate to what type of service Ergoprise can offer directly. .

Why the S2S Comfort Plus Outshines its Competition:

* Height adjustment range of 22" - Comfortably accommodates prolonged seated to standing positions for the majority of the population ranging from the 5th percentile seated female to the 95th percentile standing male.

* 8.3” of independent monitor height adjustment - Use the soft touch knob, with safety monitor stop, to adjust the monitor height to desired positions

* Keyboard tray has 3.44” of independent height adjustment - Allows the user to position the keyboard tray in the best ergonomic working position (Can be adjusted to 7” below the work-surface)

* Preconfigured mounting base - The streamlined preconfigured base fits common desk thicknesses greatly reducing the installation time

     * Available in both single & dual configurations  * Accommodates a wide range of technology requirements with balanced functionality

* Well sized 9" x 28" keyboard and secondary work surface - Comprised of durable black vinyl wrapped MDF, the keyboard tray and secondary work surface provide ample space required for an effective workstation

* Adjustable keyboard tray angle - With 19° (+4°/-15°) of tilt, a personalized setting ensures maximum comfort and positioning flexibility

* Integrated cable management system - Cable management clips easily enable the user to store all their technology cables neatly and securely

* 180° independent monitor swivel - Information sharing is seamless

* Quick connect VESA plate Saves time for quick installations and allows for easy removal of monitors for storage or security purposes

* Grommet and clamp mount are provided - Installation versatility makes the S2S Comfort Plus compatible with almost any desk or work surface and allows the arm to be positioned in the most suitable location to ensure optimal reach and positioning.

* Integral pivot limiter - Limits arm to 180° rotation reducing damage to walls and office cubicles

* TAA Compliant A requirement of many governmental purchasing contracts

* Available in black - A contemporary color to match any office décor

* 5 Year Warranty - The S2S Comfort Plus has been product tested to over 20,000 cycles exceeding the industry standard by 100% ensuring consistent performance and flexibility 

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