Best Standing Desks for Women

Best Standing Desks for Women

Posted by Stephanie Gilbert on 11th Oct 2020

Review of Standing Desks for Women and Shorter Stature Users

Most standing desk manufacturers, re-sellers and product reviewers really do not consider the true ergonomics when designing, selling or reviewing.  As a 5'3" CEO of Ergoprise it bothers me how women and shorter end-users are not considered.

When it comes to office workplace standard contract furniture, the standard height of most workspaces is 29" tall, which is ideal for a 6' user. Now that a significant number of people are working from home we wanted to help review several standing desks and standing desk converters that will allow workers from 5' to 5'11" to type ergonomically in both the seated and standing position.

Potential Issues that we considered when choosing our best standing desks and desk risers for women and other smaller stature end-user:

1. Proper Typing Posture - Must be able to type in an L-shape in both the seated and standing position.

2. Perfect Eye Level to Monitor - It's important that your eyes are level to the top 2" to 3" of your monitor screens. The biggest issue for women is with most standard desks and desk risers you will be looking up at your screen in the seated position since your work-surface does not adjust low enough. This is referred to as "head extension" this can cause headaches, neck pain and stress and other musculoskeletal issues.

Below we have designed an elbow and eye height chart that is calculated by your height. We will use these figures when review the best standing desks and desk converters for the female worker as well as shorter statured men.

Best All-around Standing Desk Converter for Women:

When it comes to desk risers 90% are ergonomically incorrect. Due to the fact that standing desk converters like the FlexiSpot, Varidesk, VersaDesk, etc all add height to the already too tall worksurface. If you are on a 29" tall desk  odds are you will be now typing at about 30.5" off the floor. That is perfect for someone 6'1" tall.

#1 - S2S Comfort Plus - Click Here to Visit

The S2S Comfort Plus was designed with ergonomics in mind. The keyboard tray and monitor mount offer independent adjustments which is imperative to adjust to your ideal elbow and eye height. The keyboard tray can adjust to 7" below the work-surface which is a net of 22" off the floor. It also can do a negative keyboard tray tilt if desired.

Below you can see 5’ women typing the seated position next to a 6'5" gentlemen standing.

#2 - S2S Sit Stand Workstation - Click Here to Visit

The S2S Sit Stand Workstation is virtually the same solution as the S2S Comfort Plus, but its trays are all metal instead of MDF. The reason we ranked in 2 as black is no longer offered.

The remaining options are manufactured from Ergotron, their desk risers keyboard tray adjusts below the work-surface. All but the Ergotron TX adjust 4" below the work-surface which is ideal for anyone 5'7" and taller. Last to make the list is the Ergotron TX, it adjusts 3.5" below the work-surface.

#3 - Workfit-A - Click Here to Visit

We gave the Workfit A the third position due to it being an arm, it allows the end-user to push the arm away so you can work on your desk. All the other Ergotron offerings take over your workspace. The Workfit A has a static keyboard tray with a monitor VESA mount that has a vertical adjustment of 4.8". If you are a taller female user of 5'7" or taller the Workfit A can meet your needs.

#4 - Workfit-S  Click Here to Visit

 Ergotron Workfit Dual Screen shown in action

The Workfit-S was Ergotron's original desk converter. This desk riser clamps to the front of your desk and offers the following features: Keyboard tray adjusts 4" below the work-surface which would be 25" if using on a 29" tall desk. The keyboard also offers up-to a 7.5-degree negative tilt. Lastly the VESA mount vertically adjusts 4.8" like its sister unit the Workfit-A.  It will limit access to the top of the desk.

#5 - Workfit TX  Click Here to Visit

Over the past few years, I would never have even considered a female user to any Varidesk type desk riser due to its ergonomic issues, but Ergotron has developed their latest TX model that makes it the design leader for the desk-on-desk converter.

Most of these are plain awful for female and short stature users, almost all add height to the desktop and second monitor shelf is too tall causing head extension in the seated position. For the most part, Ergotron designed the TX model which made adjustments to both of these issues. The keyboard tray adjusts up-to 3.5" below the work-surface and the designed a lower second shelf that should alleviate any head extension.

Electric Standing Desks for Women and People with Shorter Heights

Over the past few years, we have seen a huge spike in the economical Chinese made electric desks. They are usually offered in two-segment or three-segment legs. Most two segment legs can adjust as low as 27” which would be a net of 28” with standard tabletop. Three segments usually travel down to 24” with a new of 25” with tabletop.

We have added three desk lines, two that have been manufacturing standing desks for over 20 years. WorkriteErgo and Conset both offer desk bases that travel down to 21” that are ideal for anyone ranging from 5’ tall to 6’ 2” tall, and the last one is the S2S Desk, that has been in services for over twelve years.

Workrite has been a premier desk for many years with a steep price tag. Conset is a more discounted line only offering one motor desk which travels slower then the other two. The S2S offers an extremely high quality desk with a very competitive price point. The bases travels from 22” to 48” and is offered with a ¾” thick tabletop.

# 1 S2S Standing Desk (22" to 48" Tall) - Click Here  

The all-new 22" to 48" S2S Standing Desk is the highest quality desk for a very competitive price. This line stands above its competition offering a sturdier, faster and well-designed commercial quality desk base. It may not be the cheapest standing desk, but our quality is second to none. The base averages 20lbs heavier due to the quality of material, even the bolts are heavier duty than the others.

#2 Conset 501-37 "SOHO" Click Here

The Conset 501-37 "SOHO" height adjustable desk series is Conset's newest desk base frame that travels from 21.75" to 47.5" tall.

The 501-37 "SOHO" is perfect as a free-standing desk, cubicle application or a home office.  It exceeds the standards set by ANSI/HFES 100-2007 Human Factors Engineering of Computer Workstations guidelines.  This adjustable height desk will accommodate individuals from the 5th to 95th percentile by having a height range from 21.75" to 47.25".

#3 Workrite Sierra Desk – Click Here to Visit

The Workrite Sierra HX Rectangular Electric Height Adjustable Desk has eliminated the lower crossbar that can interfere with knee clearance and under the desk accessories such as mobile pedestals or CPU holders. This desk with top adjusts as low as 22” tall for a 5’ user. It’s an ideal choice for large corporations that require their equipment meets ANSI/BIFMA and ANSI/HFES 100-2007 standards.

#4 Conset 501-27 Desk – Click Here

The Conset 501-27 height adjustable desk series offers numerous sizes, greater weight capacity, increased travel and integrated anti-squeeze system.

The 501-27 is perfect as a free-standing desk or in cubicle applications and it exceeds the standards set by ANSI/HFES 100-2007 Human Factors Engineering of Computer Workstations guidelines. In short, this adjustable height desk will accommodate individuals from the 5th to 95th percentile by having a height range from 22" to 48".  This model is older and will be phased out once inventory has been depleted.

It is so important to get a desk or desk riser that works with your height.

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