Foot Rests

  • Active Swing Footrest (EP-2134) Quick view


    Active Swing Footrest

     Keep your feet and legs moving throughout the day in both your seated and standing position with the Active Swing Footrest.  The Active Swing Footrest is designed to promote active movement throughout the day and engage major muscle groups...

    $139.00 $179.00
  • Height Adjustable Foot Rest Quick view


    Height Adjustable Foot Rest

    Hight Adjustable Foot Rest For a soothing element within the workplace add the relaxing foot rest. This foot stool helps reduce pressure to alleviate stress while sitting for long periods at your desk. The relaxing foot rest offers massage bumps...

  • Workrite Angle Footrester - front Quick view


    Workrite Footrester Angle Footrest - 210

    Features & Benefits: The Workrite Footrester Angle Adjustable Footrest features an extra wide platform offering plenty of leg room. Rock your feet back and forth to improve circulation in your legs for improved energy levels. Rest your feet at the...

    $77.40 $129.00
  • 3" Rock n Stop Footrest -  FR6000BK Quick view


    3" Rock n Stop Footrest

    Features: 3" Rock n Stop Footrest -  FR6000BK Rock ‘n Stop™ Footrests The ingenious Rock ‘n Stop leg design provides front to back motion as well as the ability to stop in various positions along the way. This encourages...

    $39.95 $49.95