Bakker Elkhuizen Flex-Top 270 Ultra Compact Notebook Holder

Flex-Top 270 Ultra Compact Notebook Holder

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Flex-Top 270 Ultra Compact Notebook Holder - BNEFT270

Exponentially over the past few years more and more desktop computers are being replaced by laptop computers. This being said, the practicality of using a laptop for extended periods of time from an ergonomic point of view, is not desirable. Due to the low positioning of the laptop screen and the fixated keyboard, most laptop users maintain a hunched-over body posture while working. Intensive laptop use therefore can cause serious musculoskeletal pain and injuries (Oh My Aching Laptop Study) . The Flex-Top 270 provides the perfect solution! The Flex-Top 270 allows the laptop screen to be adjusted to the correct viewing height and depth for the user, encouraging both a comfortable and safe posture. The Ergo-Q 260 also includes a document holder, which conveniently positions documents just below the laptop screen to minimize undue head and neck motion. In combination with a separate keyboard and mouse you can easily create an ergonomic workstation anywhere you go. Use the Flex-Top 270 at the office, at home, or while traveling on business.

The Flex Top 270 can be adjusted in seven different height settings (height range at back: 3.5" to 8.625"). Made of light aluminum (Hylite), the Flex Top truly integrates ergonomics into your notebook workstation by attaching to your notebook.


  • Improves body posture and comfort level.
  • Decreases neck torque, increases comfort and productivity.
  • Integral document holder (patented).
  • No external monitor needed.
  • Mobile (in notebook case).
  • Ideal for FlexSpace & Home Office Tele-work.


  • Width: 11.875"
  • Depth: 10.675"
  • Height: 0.125"
  • Weight: 0.84lbs