Flat Panel Monitor Cubicle Hanger

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Width: 20.81 (in)
Height: 7.93 (in)
Depth: 5.75 (in)
SKU: K60058
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Flat Panel Monitor Cubicle Hanger

Make the most of your valuable cubicle space

This unique solution simply hangs from any cubicle wall. There is no need to worry about slat wall compatibility. It positions your "VESA compliant" or "zero footprint" flat panel monitor anywhere in your cubicle for space-saving, viewing comfort. Fits walls 1"-4" deep and 20"-48" high. Hangs securely at desired height. 

  • Save space by hanging zero-footprint flat panel monitor from cubicle wall.
  • Hangs from cubicle wall so there´s no slat wall compatibility hassles.
  • Securely supports monitors up to 20 lbs at eight height levels for ideal viewing location.
  • Tilts monitor up to 90 degrees in any direction and rotates from landscape to portrait.
  • Easy to assemble and attach without drilling.