ESI Lockable Metal CPU Holder - CPU Cart
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ESI Lockable CPU Holder

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Features & Benefits:

Protect and Store your CPU with the ESI CPULOCK Lockable CPU Holder. The CPULOCK Metal CPU Holder vertically mounts to the bottom of your desk to hold your CPU off of the ground, protecting it from potential hazards and freeing up neccessary desk space. A 17" glide track and 360° swivel allow for easy access to your CPU when you need it. The ESI CPULOCK can be adjusted to fit CPU's up to 9.3" in width, 22" high and up to 85 lbs.

ESI CPULOCK Lockable CPU Holder Features:

  • Easy access - 360° swivel and  glide track mean you can easily get to your CPU with minimum effort. No more lifting and sliding
  • Adjust with ease - no tools are needed to make adjustments
  • Adjusts to fit medium - larger CPUs - fits most sized CPU's, between 3.5" - 9.3" wide, 12.5" - 22.5" high and under 85 lbs
  • Enhanced security - heavy-duty locking knob Steel holder with fiber glass reinforced resin-composite arms
  • Limited lifetime warranty ESI Warranty Information

ESI CPULOCK Lockable CPU Holder Specifications:

Track length: 17"
CPU width: 3.5"-9.3"
CPU height: 12.5" - 22.5"
Load Capacity: 85 lbs
Weight: 15 lbs.

Why We Like It -

  • Keeps our CPU off of the floor but doesn't use up any desk space
  • Heavy duty locking knob enhances workplace security

This is Good For -

  • Desktop users who want to protect their investment