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ESI Ergonomics Edge Dual Monitor Arm

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Features & Benefits:

The ESI Edge2 Dual Monitor Arm was engineered for exceptional value. As a result, the Edge2 Monitor Arm is sleek, reliable and offers a range of motion that rivals more expensive monitor arms. The ESI Edge2 Monitor Mount allows maximum placement flexibility for each monitor at an unheard of price.

The ESI Ergo Edge2 Dual Monitor Arm Features:

  • Fingertip height adjustment- is possible on each of two arms so your monitors will glide smoothly wherever you want to place them
  • Monitor quick release - makes installation and unmounting quick and safer for your monitors. Fits both 75mm and 100mm VESA mounting patterns
  • 360 degree swivel - increases placement flexibility and provides for easy collaboration
  • Internal cable management - minimizes desk clutter and contributes to a neat appearance
  • Silver finish - black and white are available at an upcharge and by special order
  • Dual mountings - both a desk clamp and grommet mount are included with the Edge arm
  • Limited lifetime warranty. ESI Warranty Information

ESI Ergo Edge2 Dual LCD Montior Arm Specifications:

Height range: 13" total: 6.5" - 19.5"
Depth range: 21", folds to just 3.5"
Tilt: +30° / -25°
Weight capacity: 6.5 - 17.6 lbs each or a total of 35 lbs
Weight: 15 lbs

Why We Like It -

  • Sleek, attractively priced monitor arm holds each monitor on its own articulating arm for maximum placement ease

This is Good For -

  • Users who want flexible placement for two monitors without spending their children's inheritance

ESI Ergo Edge2 Monitor Arm Eco Impact

- all aluminum construction
- 100% recyclable
- LEED credit eligible

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