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ESI Corner Sleeve

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The ESI ACCD90-17  corner sleeve is an affordable way to convert your 90° corner desk into a diagonal one, increasing space and offering a more convenient place to mount an articulating arm and keyboard platform. All Corner Solutions are pre-drilled with holes positioned for easy installation of the ESI articulating arm and platform combinations. Compatible with any ESI keyboard and articulating arm option, the ESI corner adapter will help bring ergonomic comfort and convenience to any work space.

ESI ACCD90 Corner Sleeve Features:

  • Increase desk space - transforms a 90° corner into a diagonal corner, which gives you more room to work
  • Compatibility - easily works with any ESI articulating arm or keyboard options
  • Easy Installation - step by step instructions and minimal effort make it easy to install
  • Affordable - ergonomic option that won't break the bank
  • Limited Warranty ESI Warranty Information

ESI ACCD90 Corner Sleeve Specifications:

 Sizes 17" 
Color: Black
Weight: 15 lbs

ACCD90-17 desks up to 1.375” thick

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