Ergoprise BodySMART™ Healthy 3-Pack
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Ergoprise BodySMART™ Healthy 3-Pack

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Ergoprise BodySMART™ Healthy 3-Pack 

Our Ergoprise BodySMART Healthy 3-Pack comes in the same popular colors, fabrics and styles as our original patented products. Choose from one of three healthy fabrics or textiles.  Soft - yet durable - medical vinyl in dark blue, our natural bamboo-cotton blend, or 100% white cotton sherpa.  All coverings are soft to the touch, completely washable, replaceable and made from natural materials.  

The products in this combination pack are available in our CertiPur-US Certified Bio-Foam or if you're looking for a completely natural product, try our 100% DOL - Certified Organic Latex covered in cotton or a bamboo-cotton blend. 

Product Overview:

3-Pack comes with a:  3" Cervical Neck Pillow; a Travel-Angle and a Travel-KneeT conveniently packages for easy carrying and storage. This product makes and great gift for expecting mothers, or anyone who wants to enjoy recreational or work travel and still have the comforts of home.