Ergonomic Services

Ergonomics Expert Services

Ergoprise will assist your organization with all areas of ergonomics including: ergonomic assessment, workplace design, and staff training. We can make your workplace efficient, safe, and in compliance. Our expert Ergonomics Engineers apply a meticulous and methodical technique to ensure a hazard-free and worker-safe environment.

Services Include:

Ergonomic Work Assessments: To assess work environments including office and industrial/transit/plant/warehouse environments to provide reasonable changes to improve worker productivity, comfort, reduce repetitive stress injuries, reduce time loss, increase worker satisfaction and increase worker efficiency.

Ergonomic Home Assessments: With more employees working out of their home, it is more important than ever to assess home office set ups and provide reasonable changes to improve your productivity, comfort and reduce repetitive stress injuries. Changing your work set up can also reduce stresses and strains that are already making it uncomfortable to get through your work day.

Early Intervention Screening: A 3-part series which helps to assess the potential risks for position-specific injury or assess ongoing injury, outlines potential for changes and follow through as changes occur. EISs help to educate both the worker and employer on early injury identification, reduction of stress and strain injuries.

Job Injury Prevention: An assessment that is job-specific, but may not be worker specific, to identify areas of potential injury, assessment and set up workstations for multiple employee use and reduce time loss once an injury has occurred

Pre-Employment Testing: This helps the employer ensure that the worker has the capacity to meet the physical demands of the job.  It is therefore important to identify the specific physical requirements of a particular job and assess the potential employee against those requirements prior to them being offered a position.

Educational Training: To provide educational training to the employees/employers before injuries occur which can occur on an individual or group basis as well as part of a safety team environment.

Green Building Certification: Are you eager to obtain a LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for your new building?  A proper ergonomic program and design can give you a point for the “Innovation in Design and Innovation in Operations Credit“.  Ergoprise can assist you in receiving this certification.

Ergonomic Product Selection: Ergoprise will assist you in making sure you have the ideal solution to meet your business and personal needs. Ergoprise offers its partners an environment like no other. It is our pleasure to make sure any of our recommendations meets your, or your employees needs prior to making any significant investment. We offer the most liberal trial program in the industry.


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