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Selecting the best ergonomic computer mouse to use is somewhat subjective which is why we carry a vast selection of ergonomic mice. Most people find using a computer mouse that minimizes the twisting of the wrist to be helpful. A vertical mouse such as the Evoluent Vertical Mouse or 3M Ergonomic Mouse will eliminate twisting. Looking for an ergonomic mouse tray to go with your ergonomic mouse? We carry a variety of items to help you work more productively.

A number of research studies have supported use of the Handshoe Mouse, Orthomouse, and Smartfish Mouse as these mice provide for a healthy wrist angle, and encourage button clicking with the whole finger, instead of fingertips. Some uses will benefit from a non-traditional mouse such as the Central Pointing Device, or Foot Mouse.

If you need assistance finding the perfect Ergonomic Solution to fit your needs give us a call or chat online. One of our Ergonomic Specialists can assist you in finding the perfect office solution that is uniquely you. +877-907-8688

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