Ergoprise ErgoExtend Laptop Arm
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ErgoExtend Laptop Arm

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ErgoExtend Extended Reach Laptop Arm

Ergoprise ErgoExtend  Laptop Arm is a laptop or tablet support device for office & home office users. It is designed to improve ergonomic comfort through its superior range of motion by outperforming other units in the same class with its 26” reach and 13” of height adjustment. Its superior reach benefits users with deep return desks by having the ability to extend the monitor to the optimal viewing distance, thus reducing eye strain.

Supporting laptops weighing between 2 and 14lbs, Constructed with a counterbalanced spring, its durability will provide long lasting, trouble free use as compared to competitive units with gas cylinders that leak over time and need replacing.

Its pole-less design allows the product to be fully stored into a 4-3/8” space, making it ideal for a short return desk. Complete with clamp and grommet mounting options, the ErgoExtend brings excellent versatility, flexibility, and comfort to the office user.

ErgoExtend has a modern linear design that comes in optional colors making it a stand out product that offers style, function and performance at an economical price.


  • Best in class arm provides 26” of reach with 13” of usable height adjustment.
  • Visually appealing pole-less monitor arm folds into a 4-3/8” area for more desk space in smaller work environments.
  • Tool-less clamp installation makes assembly quick and easy.
  • Flexibility and more options for the end user with a simple, easy-to-use Allen wrench adjustment to counterbalance the weight of the monitor.
  • With a clamping range of 0” to 2 5/8” (clamp) that is standard for the Xtend, this new arm will fit to any work surface.
  • Enclosed cable management system hides cables.
  • Counterbalanced spring technology allows for Counterbalanced spring technology allows for 2 to 14lb load (no gas leakages from use of gas cylinders) .
  • Clamp and grommet mounting options.
  • Preset 5° parabolic array provides easier viewing, reducing eye strain.
  • Adjustable face plates with tool-less thumb knobs for quick and easy adjustments & installation
  • The arm swivels 360° around the base, increasing the options for display position.
  • TAA compliant. Meets GSA bid requirement.