ErgoCentric ErgoCentric eCentric Big and Tall Task Chair Recommended Configuration

ErgoCentric eCentric Big & Tall Task Chair Recommended Configuration

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e-MB-PLUS-ALA gr 3 teknit
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Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 500 lbs
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Features & Benefits:

The ErgoCentric eCentric Plus Big & Tall Task Chair with our recommended options is built to offer exceptional comfort for users who need a larger office chair. Adjustment paddles are clearly marked and have a unique shape for ease of adjustment. The eCentric Plus chair is a very comfortable big and tall office chair.

The ErgoCentric eCentric Plus Big & Tall Task Chair Recommended Configuration Features:

  • Fully upholstered, contoured backrest - is sculpted and proportioned to fit the natural curves of your back and is high enough to provide upper back support. Back of the chair is also upholstered.
  • Heavy duty control mechanism - allows the chair to free float rock or be locked in any position you want. Chair back is height adjustable.
  • Three-way stretch seat fabric - adds to the comfort of the seat by conforming to your body further reducing the stress sitting puts on your body.
  • Dual density foam seat- for softness and support. Long lasting foam won't compress quickly after purchase.
  • Seat slider - for seat depth adjustment is included.
  • Height adjustable arms - provide appropriate arm and shoulder support
  • Lifetime warranty. Ergocentric Warranty Information

ErgoCentric eCentric Plus Big & Tall Task Chair Specifications:

Seat dimensions: 19" - 21"d x 22" w
Seat height: 17" - 20" (80mm)
17.25" - 20.75" (100mm)
17.5" - 22.5" (125mm)
Chair back: 20" w x 22" h
Arms: 7.25" -10.25" h
Base diameter: 27" inch
Weight capacity: 400
Chair weight: 67 lbs

Why We Picked These Options-

  • Generous cut allows more robust bodies to be properly supported in comfort
  • Back and seat are curved to support the natural shape of the body

This is Good For -

  • Suitable for all day use
  • Fits users 5'2" to 6'5" and under 400 lbs

ErgoCentric eCentric Chair Eco Impact

- Contains 54% recycled content
- 93% recyclable
- Greenguard certified
- LEED credit eligible


Seat Size

The eCentric Plus comes standard with a 22" wide by 19" deep seat (seat depth is adjustable).  Those with longer legs may prefer the extra large seat which adds 2" of depth.  There is no extra cost for the extra large seat.

Chair Height (cylinder)

A chair has the correct seated height for the user if their knees are level with, or slightly lower than, their hips.  Choose from three different cylinder heights, each with a different adjustment range for seated height.  There are no upcharges for the different cylinder choices.

  • 17" - 20" (80mm) - recommended for shorter users
  • 17.25" - 20.75" (100mm)
  • 17.5" - 22.5" (125mm) - standard seated height range fits most users up to 6'5'

Buy Smart: Getting the right seated height range can be a challenge for a taller user who may also have to deal with not smacking the knees into the desk surface while keeping the position of the keyboard and mouse at the right height.  A height adjustable desk eliminates that problem as can a height adjustable keyboard tray.  It's not good for the back to have the chair always at its lowest height so choose the cylinder that gets your knees into the right position somewhere above the lowest height for the cylinder.   Consider adding a footstool to add blood flow and improve the circulation in your legs.


Choose from standard casters that work well on carpet or carpet protector mats, or soft casters that role more quietly while protecting hard floor surfaces, or glides which don't roll at all.


Teknit for your ErgoCentric eCentric Plus Chair

Your choice of fabric can actually make your chair more comfortable. Teknit is a three-way knit that maximizes the softness of the chair cushions, reducing pressure points that create discomfort and allows for airflow which can keep you more comfortable over the course of the workdday. Teknit is durable and easy to clean. Abrasion rating is 250,000 double rubs for long life.

Ergocentric Teknit Swatches