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Ergo@Home Combo 2

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Chair ships in about 1-2 weeks, Desk ships in about 3 weeks


Features & Benefits:

The Ergo@Home Combo 2 offers sit stand capabilities as well as offering commercial quality products for your home office. The Sis Move Spring Height Adjustable Desk allows for easy adjustment of the desk height to fit the user or multiple users. We have selected four styles of chairs that are all well-respected in the ergonomics community for both comfort and value. Choose the fit and style that will work best for you.

Ergo@Home Combo 2 Features:

  • Spring activated height adjustable desk - raise or lower the desk in silence and with ease. No electrical requirements means this desk can be used anywhere
  • High pressure laminate work surface standard laminate is an upgrade on many other desk lines
  • Three sizes of chair seats - a key factor in ergonomics is fit. Thus each chair in this collection is available in three sizes to suit most bodies. Ask us for help if you need assistance picking the right size.
  • Multi-function mechanism on chair - adjusts to fit a wide range of users. Adjustments include: back height and angle, seat height and angle, tilt and tilt tension, and seat depth.
  • Adjustable lumbar support - is a key factor in personalizing the fit of your chair. All chairs in this collection meet this requirement
  • Multi-density, soy based foam seats - the seat foam in these chairs is designed to offer the perfect combination of softness and support that is suitable for all day use. We combine this foam with a durable knit fabric for maximum pressure reduction when sitting. Fabric is easily cleaned.
  • Height and width adjustable arms - again, it is vitally important that the chair you choose fits your body. Proper arm support requires arms that can be positioned to allow your arms to rest in a relaxed and natural position.
  • Lifetime warranty on desk; 12 years or more on chair. 

Ergo@Home Combo 2 Specifications:

Desk height range: 26" - 45"
Chair weight limit: no more than 250 lbs, varies per model

This is Good For -

  • Any home or office setting
  • Perfect for growing students or multi-user offices
  • Sit stand desk w/o electricity
  • 5'2" - 6'3" and under 300 lbs

Set it up Right -

  • Set the desk height so your elbows are parallel to the floor when typing
  • Chair height should keep knees even with the hips
  • Chair seat depth should allow for 2 to 4 fingers between the seat front and the back of your knees
Dowload the Sis Surf 2 Electronic Desk Brochure

- SiS Move Desks Brochure

- OfficeMaster Paramount Series Brochure

Desk Options:

Sis Move Spring Height Adjustable Desk

Surface Dimensions:

Choose your desk size:

  • 42"W x 24"D [1621L]
    48"W x 30"D [1643L]
    60"W x 24"D [1641L]
    60"W x 30"D [1645L

Sis Surface Laminate and Edge Color Combinations


Chair Options:

Ergonomic Chair Options

Chair Requirements -

Careful thought went into selecting chairs for this collection that met stringent ergonomic and comfort requirements and that delivered excellent value for the user. Every chair on this page meets these requirements:

  • Different sizes - proper chair fit is everything. We have listed below the dimensions for each chair size. If you'd like assistance choosing, email Ergoprise with your height and weight and body shape (apple, pear, straight) and we'll reply in confidence. Please note weight limits do vary by model. If you're over 250 lbs or under 5' tall, we may need to recommend a different chair for you.
  • Has a multi-function mechanism that provides maximum adjustment flexibility so you can get a custom fit. They all have:
    • Seat: height, depth and angle adjustable
    • Back: height and angle adjustable
    • Tilt: center tilt (rocks from the center of the seat), tilt lock and tension adjustments
  • Adjustable lumbar support - the lumbar is a leading area for back pain so personalizing the fit of your chair in the lumbar region is important
  • Multi-density foam seat - a layer of energy absorbing foam is on top of multi-density foam for excellent support and softness. These seats will not bottom out. Soy-based foam is earth friendly, doesn't release harmful fumes into your air, and lasts longer than standard foam.
  • Three dimensional knit upholstery - yes, what you upholster your chair with can make a huge difference in comfort. All of these chairs are upholstered in a three-way stretch fabric that allows you to maximize the benefits of the seat foam and add some air flow to prevent getting hot in your chair. This fabric is easily cleanable and durable. We have listed all chairs in black only as that is the most popular color but they are each available in other colors. Just let us know if you'd like something different.

Chair Option A - OfficeMaster Paramount Chair

The OfficeMaster Paramount Series is a favorite among corporate ergonomists due to it's comfort and features at an exceptional price. Features unique to these chairs include:

OfficeMaster Paramount Chair
  • Schukra lumbar support - five fingers on each side support your entire lower back as you rotate the depth to suit your preferences. This lumbar support has a firm feel.
  • Sizes:
    • Petite/ Standard: Model 7780 - chair back: 18"W x 21"H, chair seat: 20"W x 17.5" - 20"D, seat height: 15.5" - 19.5"
    • Standard/ Large: Model 7878 - chair back: 18"W x 23"H, chair seat: 21"W x 18" - 20.5"D, seat height: 17" - 22"

Chair Option B - Soma Rockit Chair

Soma Rockit Chair
  • Open system back - includes Soma's exclusive Thorsac back. This design frees the shoulders and reduces upper body tension and stress better than any other chair back on the market. Lumbar support is soft foam. Arms also pivot. Armpads are extra soft and upholstered.
  • Sizes:
    • Petite: Model SR.E.2M - chair back: 15"W x 20"H, chair seat: 18"W x 16" - 18"D, seat height: 16.3" - 19.6"
    • Standard: Model SR.E.4M - chair back: 16"W x 22"H, chair seat: 19.5"W x 18.5" - 20.5"D, seat height: 16.5" - 19.7"
    • Large: Model SR.E.6M - chair back: 18.5"W x 24"H, chair seat: 22"W x 19.5" - 21.5"D, seat height: 17.3" - 22"

Chair Option C - Soma Mesh Chair

Soma Mesh Chair
  • Body conforming mesh back - offers air flow for those who would like a mesh back while supporting the spine in a comfortable manner. Mechanism includes the option for a free float tilt to promote active sitting. Lumbar support is height adjustable. Arms also pivot. Armpads are extra soft and upholstered.
  • Sizes:
    • Petite: Model MB.R.2M - chair back: 24"W x 22"H, chair seat: 18"W x 16" - 18.5"D, seat height: 15.9" - 19.4"
    • Standard: Model MB.R.4M - chair back: 24"W x 22"H, chair seat: 19.5"W x 18.5" - 21"D, seat height: 17" - 22.75"
    • Large: Model MB.R.6M - chair back: 24"W x 22"H, chair seat: 22"W x 19.5" - 22"D, seat height: 19.5" - 27"

Chair Option D - ErgoCentric GeoCentric High Back Multi-Tilt Chair

ErgoCentric GeoCentric High Back Multi-tilt Chair
  • Air adjustable lumbar support - allows for personalized adjustments without feeling too firm. Easy to use paddles are marked and each has a unique shape that designates its purpose.
  • Sizes:
    • Petite: Model geo-HB-MT-SS - chair back: 19"W x 25"H, chair seat: 18.5"W x 17" - 19.5"D, seat height: 15.5" - 18.5"
    • Standard: Model geo-HB-MT - chair back: 19"W x 25"H, chair seat: 20"W x 19" - 21.5"D, seat height: 16.5" - 21.5"
    • Tall: Model geo-HB-MT-XLS - chair back: 19"W x 25"H, chair seat: 20"W x 21" - 23.5"D, seat height: 17.75" - 23.25"

Optional Accessories:

Add a Monitor Arm

Maximize the usable space on your desktop and position your monitor in the most comfortable position with an articulating monitor arm.


Innovative EVO II -
The IOP EVO II monitor arm is an elegant addition to any desk as it features graceful lines, a polished aluminum finish and fingertip positioning. The EVO II supports monitors up to 20 lbs and includes a quick release mount for easy installation of your monitor and a unique mount that can be attached to your desk via clamp, grommet or bolted through the desktop.

  • Height adjustment range: 10.2" total - 20.2" max height
  • Depth adjustment range: 3" to 18.6"

Price: $143.00


ESI Ergonomics Edge 2-
The ESI Edge features a satin silver finish and clean, elegant lines. But don't let its good looks fool you, this arm is a work horse and offers extremely smooth and easy fingertip control on each of the two, independently adjustable arms. Two independent arms offer you maximum positioning flexibility for your dual monitor configuration. The ESI Edge 2 is easily mounted to your desk via the included clamp or grommet mount. Supports monitors up to 17.6 lbs each.

  • Height adjustment range: 13" total: 6.5" - 19.5"
  • Depth adjustment range: 21", folds to just 3.5"

Price: $329.00

Add a Foot Rest

Some think a foot rest is only necessary for people whose legs are too short to sit at the required seated height but adding foot support is not the primary goal for an ergonomic foot rest. The main purpose of an ergonomic foot rest is to allow you to move your feet while working. Movement increases blood flow and your energy level. It decreases the risk sitting has on your health. You'll feel better with one.


Humanscale FM100 -
The Humanscale FM100 is our most economical wooden, moving foot rest. The natural wood platform rocks gently back and forth as you move your feet.

Price: $75.00


Humanscale FM300 -
The Humanscale FM300 Foot Machine adds height adjustment and improved rocking motion to the FM100. The black steel frame is complimented by the natural wood finish on a reversible platform.

Price: $89.00