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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows

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The Bamboo Confourm Memory Foam Pillow are made with 4.25 lb memory foam covered in 100% Bamboo fabric. The main function of a good cervical pillow is to support the head, neck; and when used properly,  align the spine correctly while we rest.  The benefits of a neck pillow are best realized when the spine, head and neck are all horizontally aligned along the same plane.  This positioning is often difficult to achieve with conventional pillows as alignment can be hindered by  the rib cage and pelvis which can put pressure up-ward on the spine. Here are some of the ways a good neck pillow can be of benefit:

Stiff Neck Relief:

Pressure is relieved by aligning your spine and head correctly. It will help provide traction and support for your neck.

Provide a Better Nights Sleep:

The proper alignment provided by a neck pillow helps place the body in such a position that there is no unnecessary, prolonged overstretching of muscles and ligaments. It follows that if you don’t have a stiff neck when you wake up you most likely had a more restful night of sleep.

Fall Asleep Faster without Medication:

Because your head and neck are supported you will be so comfortable that you will not toss and turn throughout the night trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

Reduce Snoring:

Snoring is often caused by blocked air passages of the throat. Using a neck pillow will help to open up these air passages because of the alignment factor discussed above.

Allergic Reactions:

Many neck pillows are hypoallergenic because they are not made from the same materials as regular pillows, such as bird feathers. And if it is not a hypoallergenic neck pillow it many come with a special non-allergenic pillow cover.

Better Posture:

Again, the proper alignment of the cervical spine will naturally help your posture by gently stretching the neck into its proper position and relaxing the spinal cord.

Enhance Circulation:

Proper alignment will also help blood flow naturally and without obstructions therefore resulting in better circulation.

Increased Energy:

You will have more energy throughout the day if you have had a relaxing and restful sleep.

Headache Relief:

Many medical professionals state that a great majority of headaches are caused by poor neck curvature and they usually treat patients by adjusting the neck. Proper alignment will help maintain proper neck curvature and lead to less neck problems. Many headache neck pillows also have an area where you can place an ice pack for added relief, such as our Hot and Cold Beck Pillow.

Available in the the following sizes: Travel, Tall Travel, Small, Standard, Tall, Tall King, King/Queen.