Contemporary Chairs

  • SomaHybrid™ with ‘MBn’ backrest Quick view

    Soma Ergonomics

    SomaHybrid™ Chair

    SomaHybrid™ It's a chair, it's a stool, it's a chest rest. You can sit, you can stand, you can move with the SomaHybrid™ chair and as a result have more energy at the end of your day! For shorter term sitting and for sitting in small...

  • SomaMesh™ - Task Chair Quick view

    Soma Ergonomics

    SomaMesh™ - Task Chair

    Features & Benefits: SomaMesh™ Chair has the SomaMesh™ backrest with a great adjustable lumbar support and like all SomaChairs is more than adjustments, it offers real ergonomics. The SomaMesh™ chair promotes...

  • SomaRockit™ - Task Chair Quick view

    Soma Ergonomics

    SomaRockit™ - Task Chair

    Features & Benefits: Soma Rockit™ is the perfect standard chair for a variety of technical and anatomical reasons, but you'll love it just for the supportive plush comfort and the smooth relaxing rocking-chair-like feel. And that's just the...