Comfort Plus Electric Desk Riser
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Comfort Plus Electric Desk Riser

$429.00 $499.00
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Late October


Introducing the all new S2S Comfort Plus Electric Desk Riser. Ships in late October. Pre-order in September and save 20% off. September Coupon Code: CPE20



This isn't like any of the other electric desk risers you've seen, the S2S Electric Comfort Plus is one of the sturdiest standing desk riser that work-surface load is 110 lbs with a keyboard tray that can handle 22 lb load. This sit stand workstation travels 17.47" vertically. The Electric Comfort Plus is currently the only electric desk riser in which the keyboard tray travels 2.5" below the work-surface to 14.97" above the desk top. The work-surface travels from 5.23" to 22.56" tall. This desk rise glides at 1.4" per second.


- Height Range: Keyboard Tray: -2.5" below the desk top - +14.97 above. - Desk riser work-surface: 5.23'' - 22.56''

- Stroke travel distance 17.33''

- Load Capacity: Work-surface: 110 lbs - Keyboard tray 22 lbs

- Speed: 1.4'' per second

- Noise: < 47db

- Power: 110-230V

- Available colors: Black / White

- Unit Weight: 42 lbs

Warranty Information

5 year warranty