• 6" Semi Universal Rib Belt Male Quick view

    6" Semi Universal Rib Belt Male

    Rib Belts Male Fitted Rib Belts from Core Products provide superior stabilization and support for rib and sternum injuries. Elastic body with front hook and loop closure limits chest expansion with circular compression. Holds rib cage in position and...

    $13.70 $17.12
  • Abdominal Binder Semi Universal Quick view

    Abdominal Binder Semi Universal

    Our versatile Abdominal Binder will help relieve a multitude of aches and strains in abdominal region and can be used as an ab binder or post-operative belt. The comfortable, multi-tiered elastic contours easily and helps prevent rolling. Provides...

    $21.02 $26.28
  • Air Light Ankle Regular Quick view

    Air Light Ankle Regular

    Air Light Ankle Brace The rigid contoured shell of the Air Light Ankle Brace can provide the immobilization required for sprains, fractures and chronic instability and helps accelerate rehabilitation. Inflatable air bladder creates compression, helping...

    $25.99 $32.49
  • Baby Hugger Single Quick view

    Baby Hugger Single

    Baby Hugger® Maternity Support Help relieve backache, pelvic pressure and heaviness, belly weakness and pain, hernias, swollen veins, hip pain, frequent urination or edema with our Baby Hugger Support. Our support helps protect ligaments from...

    $41.58 $51.97
  • Baby Hugger Super Lift Maternity Quick view

    Baby Hugger Super Lift Maternity

    The SuperLift  is an add-on 4" wide elastic strapdesigned to add EXTRA LIFT to a BabyHugger. SuperLift is recommended for larger women, those carrying multiples and for anyone who needs significant extra lift. Place this additional lifting...

    $16.61 $20.76
  • Bax-U Posture Corrector Support Quick view

    Bax-U Posture Corrector Support

     The BAX-U Posture Support System is a high quality posture brace designed to promote better posture for everyday life style challenges. It’s an advanced solution to help everyday people to prevent slouching and spinal degradation, improve...

  • Better Binder Post-Partum Support Quick view

    Better Binder Post-Partum Support

    Better Binder™ Post-Partum Support or Post-Operative, Post-Partum Back Stabilization Designed by a physical therapist with over 40 years experience in women’s health and orthopedics. The versatile and shape-adaptive Better Binder holds and...

    $41.58 $51.97
  • Bi-Lateral Thumb Spica Support Quick view

    Bi-Lateral Thumb Spica Support

    Bi-Lateral Thumb Spica Support A versatile solution to help ease the pain associated with mild deQuervain’s, arthritis, tendinitis and thumb injuries. The simple, lightweight design provides superior support for the thumb and helps stabilize the...

    $16.17 $20.34
  • Body Shield Trochanter Belt Quick view

    Body Shield Trochanter Belt

    Body Shield™ Trochanter Belt Constructed from a unique open cell foam material that provides the firm support and compression of neoprene, without the heat retention and skin irritation. Body Shield also wicks moisture and heat away from the skin,...

    $29.57 $36.96
  • Coreback Lumbar Support Belt Quick view

    Coreback Lumbar Support Belt

    Our CoreBak™ Industrial Support offers comfort and support at an affordable price. Its design, including double side pulls and closures, provides strong support to the lumbar region for a wide range of activities and helps alleviate muscle...

    $32.42 $40.53
  • CorFit Advantage Belt w/ AP Pads Quick view

    CorFit Advantage Belt w/ AP Pads

    Focused Compression and Support Practical and easy to wear, the CorFit® Advantage AP provides maximum support and comfort for patients suffering from low back pain or injuries. With opposing side pulls, compression adjustments can easily be made to...